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Her Smile- A Lapidot Human Au Fanfic by SmolPotatBaBee
Her Smile- A Lapidot Human Au Potat
Peridot had one thing that made so many fond of her , her genuine, bright smile and her dorky laugh. She could make anyone's day even on accident. Many loved this in her...
Satranç:Piyon  by bloodyhell00-
Satranç:Piyon by bloodyhell00-
Hayatı boyunca mantığı güvendiği tek şey olmuş duygulardan tiksinmişti, Ama doğum gününde yaşanmaması gereken bir şey görmemesi gereken bir çok şey görmüştü peşinde ne o...
Meeting her match (hollyoaks fanfic) by Carolineeexx
Meeting her match (hollyoaks Caroline
Briana is the youngest daughter to Sam and danny, she loved her parents with all her heart and when they died it tore her apart. She learnt her little sister, was actual...
ANTİVİTE by meristory
ANTİVİTEby meristory
Hayatı bomboş ilerleyen bir adet Bora ve hayatına giren bir adet iyilik perisi... Hayatı siyah beyazken iyilik perisiyle renklere bulanan Boranın sıkıcı hikayesi... (Ok...
flowershop. (human lapidot) by Rxinboww
flowershop. (human lapidot)by rain :)
🎨cover art by @/Nunubirdie on Twitter! Lapis is a weekly customer at Homeworld Flower Shop in Beach City. She comes in to buy all sorts of plants for her small apartmen...
Hidden secrets (Hollyoaks) by Carolineeexx
Hidden secrets (Hollyoaks)by Caroline
Lola Lomax is the daughter of Sam and Danny Lomax.She is twenty and close to her brother ste. She arrives in Hollyoaks after her family when she is kicked out of univers...
Blood Lust | Lapidot by Lemon_Rock
Blood Lust | Lapidotby lemon
Lapis Lazuli gets a new roommate after her old one runs off crying. How unfair is this? Not to mention the newbie's a short, blonde weirdo with an abnormal amount of blo...
Gizemli Not by SedanurBozkurt3
Gizemli Notby Pamuk
bir grup gencin notu bulup yönlendirmeyi takip etmesi
The Truth About My Baby Girl (ON HOLD) by Myeyesareclosed_
The Truth About My Baby Girl (ON Myeyesareclosed_
Leela Lomax had another baby when she was 23, find out what happened to that baby and what she will do to make things right again. Suck at summaries.
Lapidot pics and comics by Pure_Trash_
Lapidot pics and comicsby Rodent
Should I continue this tho is the real question?
Random fluff oneshots by DuskWarrior
Random fluff oneshotsby Dusk Moon
Warning: will involve fluff and tickling. Again, just short oneshots that have no significance whatsoever. Any requests for pairings or whatever? They will be put here...
stevidot Fanfic by cutecandy12aj
stevidot Fanficby Susan soto garibay
If u don't like stevidot don't read
Steven Universe Crap by Nana_Shina
Steven Universe Crapby Taylor
All thing Steven Universe! Theory's, next Episode Releases, Memes, Jokes, Fan-art, and More! I do not own ANY of the pictures or videos in this book, except for the ones...
ELDAR LIGHT ~ Legolas Fanfiction by defmutia
ELDAR LIGHT ~ Legolas Fanfictionby defmutia
Legolas sang pangeran elf mendapat kesedihan yang mendalam atas kepergian Naneth nya. Hingga datang seorang manusia cantik lebih tepatnya seorang mutan dari dunia lain y...
Anarchyx Academy by heyitsunshinexx
Anarchyx Academyby heyitsunshinexx
Evelyn Saviera yang baru mengetahui jati dirinya sebagai Vampire dan ia adalah holy blood dan juga sebagai keturunan darah ras Vampyra- Vampger , yang disebut Vampyg d...
Bir dilek by opsidyan
Bir dilekby opsidyan
Bir dilekti yazmak bir dilekti okuyanı olması
Defying Sea 2:  by Sugar_Honey_Lemon
Defying Sea 2: by 🌸IM CREATIVE BOI🌸
After years of living in Athena, Rogue has finally felt that his purpose fulfilled. Peri in the meanwhile, found a book written by her own father, a founder of a now civ...
Comms and Other Long FE Oneshots by HazelGatoya
Comms and Other Long FE Oneshotsby Hazel Gatoya
Tons of Fire Emblem commissions and oneshots. I once said that I'd never use the universes in this again, but I use everything again. XD Hope you enjoy!
Earth Bound by Paint_Splotch
Earth Boundby Paint Splotch
The plans are made, the location set, and the coordinates locked in on earth. Emotions run high as Peri and Bixbite prepare for their mission, Onyx struggles to keep eve...