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Perfectly Bonded by AdmiralAwwsome
Perfectly Bondedby Suzy K
Julie Cavey has never been a normal girl. So... living with new 14 step-brothers should be easy, right? Sweet, innocent, shy Julie must survive and adapt to her new life...
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So Perfectly In Love (PUBLISHED under PHR) by prettyAeaea
So Perfectly In Love (PUBLISHED Aeaea
"Do your best and God will do the rest." Iyon ang mantra ni Jenneliza. Gagawin niya ang lahat hanggang sa umabot sila ni Johhans Santimaier sa simbahan. Nanini...
  • love
  • perfectly
  • romance
Perfectly Loved by AdmiralAwwsome
Perfectly Lovedby Suzy K
Sequel to 'Perfectly Bonded'. It's been another year at the Messerli residence for Julie and Lori, who are now seniors in high school. Although Julie's life is going per...
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The Vampire's Wife [Old Version] by PerfectlyWicked
The Vampire's Wife [Old Version]by Z.Hawthorne
**This is the original, hardly edited version of The Vampire's Wife. There is a new version that is loosely based on this one.** Everyone thinks that it's all sunshine a...
  • drama
  • vampires
  • perfectly
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Perfectly Wrong  by Beaf_man_ethan
Perfectly Wrong by Some Mendes girl
Sequel to Paralysed A lot of things happen in a year. Moving half way across the country. Leaving my family and friends behind. Shutting everyone out. I hoped that movin...
  • perfectly
  • fanfiction
  • wrong
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Perfectly Bad by byfantita
Perfectly Badby Fantita Kay
"Jadelynn Genevieve Berkshire! That's it! I've had it with you and your stints. I'm sending you to live with your father!" my mother had yelled. I had shrugged...
  • bad
  • friendship
  • drama
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Perfectly Imperfect by irandomz42
Perfectly Imperfectby Destiny Hall
My breath caught as his lips grazed mine ever so gently. This was wrong. We were wrong. But guess what? Wrong has never felt so damn good. Eliza Harper is a famous diplo...
  • york
  • 2011
  • love
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My Perfect Valentine by gabycabezut
My Perfect Valentineby GabyCabezut
Farah is celebrating Valentine's Day with Chris, her boyfriend, for the first time ever. For real. It's the first time in her life that she has a significant other to c...
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  • sweet
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Thugs true love by mis_imperfect
Thugs true loveby mis_imperfect
Something in store😜
  • imperfect
  • thugs
  • perfectly
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Grace vanderwaal lyrics by oliveponypeinguin
Grace vanderwaal lyricsby oliveponypeinguin
all the lyrics to Grace Vanderwaals songs!:):)😆😆
  • imperfect
  • idontknowmyname
  • gracevanderwaal
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Taylor Swift Song Lyrics by Stellyyy
Taylor Swift Song Lyricsby Stelly16
Since I'm a die hard swiftie, I'm gonna post here the lyrics of her songs with their hidden messages and stories behind it for anyone who wants to know. DISCLAIMER: I d...
  • hey
  • marys
  • cold
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Oof by Ana_Kim77
Oofby Bisexual Bitch
  • imperfect
  • perfectly
Perfectly Bonded (EDITED) by AdmiralAwwsome
Perfectly Bonded (EDITED)by Suzy K
Julie Cavey has never truly been a typical girl. Only heir to a massive construction company, world-traveler, and a rising musician on the internet. So living in a house...
  • lovestory
  • conflict
  • love
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I Want You fifth harmony/you by quennnnnB
I Want You fifth harmony/youby quennnnnB
read to find out
  • -camren-bae
  • flawed1234
  • quennnnnb
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Malfunction by TheGreenStopSign
Malfunctionby TheGreenStopSign
Is perfect ever really perfect?
  • utopia
  • unwanteds
  • perfection
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Rugby Romance by Ellefarrellsarrie24
Rugby Romanceby Elle Farrell
Elle Smith faces day to day problems but this story has a twist, especially when you're dating a rugby player..
  • kiss
  • idiot
  • fun
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How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly by traceydejesus
How To Apply Lipstick Perfectlyby Tracey Dejesus
This will help remove any dead skin cells and give you a smooth canvas to work on. It will also help your lips feel softer. You can exfoliate your lips by gently brushin...
  • apply
  • lipstick
  • perfectly
Avon make up products for bright skin by avonmy
Avon make up products for bright Avon Malaysia
Avon Malaysia offers beauty enhancers for keeping your skin flawless and brighter with its make up kit for giving you a perfect radiance and beautiful skin. Get th...
  • lipgloss
  • glazewear
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  Perfectly Nuts... by PeterAkumabor
Perfectly Peter Akumabor
A young girl needs to have balance for once in her life. She thinks she's got it by dating a popular boy meanwhile it all started with hate. Arielle Rodrigo comes to fin...
  • humor
  • perfectlyimperfect
  • love
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