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Patrick Stump Imagines Deux by stumparchive
Patrick Stump Imagines Deuxby ♡
book two • more imagines about the one and only patrick vaughn stump. slightly fluffier than the first book, sorta. started in book one! (requests are open) (prequel is...
Play...MUSIC {Patrick Stump Fanfiction} by TheFallOutAngel
Play...MUSIC {Patrick Stump 👑💜TheFallOutAngel💜👑
Can a 'perfect partnership' created from VIRTUAL REALITY find its way towards real life? Real Name: Riley Clarke Avatar Name: Phoenix_Girl Normal life: boring...repetiti...
Patrick Stump, God of Kindness  by paperbackwriter92
Patrick Stump, God of Kindness by Ragdoll Dancer
A simple God, known for his acts of kindness and love gets his powers taken away. A few centuries later he meets an sassy know it all, who is determined to aid him on hi...
The Truth Hurts Worse by everythingischill
The Truth Hurts Worseby no one
Y/N has moved on with a solo career in music, and is happy as can be. But after getting back in touch with her ex, Patrick Stump, she starts to feel guilt about what had...
Another Shot At Life by _kalico
Another Shot At Lifeby 🌻🌻🌻
In the past couple of years I have gotten a lot of comments saying I look like Patrick Stump. It was quite a shock when a lot of my internet friends told me they thought...
Your Guardian Angel ( Patrick Stump Fanfiction ) by FrankIerosLittlegurl
Your Guardian Angel ( Patrick calm
Living as a normal teenager ; Life was hard for Peyton Louise Wentz , But what if the angel she thought never exist just stood infront of her , And it's Patrick Vaughn S...
You Are What You Love Not Who Loves You by adoringpatrick
You Are What You Love Not Who Autumn
Autumn Wentz is a sixteen year old girl in 11th grade. Her older brother is Pete Wentz, who's already left high school, and is in the works of starting a band. Autumn is...
You Should've Taught Me Such Naughty Things. by conjurethemockingjay
You Should've Taught Me Such Daph(nerd)
What you are about to read are just fragments of the kinky and brazen side from the inside a fangirl’s mind. Admit it; everybody has this part of their brains that neede...
Miss Missing You by AbbiT2049
Miss Missing Youby Abbi T
Abby Jude Bell is the fifth member of Fall Out Boy. She was just your average singer, until the hiatus hit. Then, like her longtime best friend and crush, Patrick Stump...
Everybody Has A Dark Side [Patrick Stump fanfic] by MelodyHoward
Everybody Has A Dark Side [ MelodyHoward
Jessica Trohman, the twin of Joe, and Patrick Stump could honestly not be more different. Jess is a known troublemaker, constantly finding new and different ways to end...
Unbeknownst To You, Stump by AndrewOrAndy
Unbeknownst To You, Stumpby @falloutboy
Kourtney Hart is an average fourteen year old girl, living in the southern parts of Chicago with her average everyday family. But, she knows something she shouldn't. No...
Imagine Patrick... by patdfob_paramore
Imagine Sarai Barnett
"Let me go!" you shout fearfully but no one can hear you over the music. "Hey, let her go man!" a man shouted a few feet away. Dean stops laughing an...