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 The Blackened Male God Always Wants To Set A Routine For Me by Silver-Verdigris
The Blackened Male God Always Empress M
[Super sweet, 1V1] #Su Yan's godhead... dropped# Her system said that if she wants to get back her godhead, she has to fulfill the male lead's wish. As a result, she sta...
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Sleep Without Dreams | The Untold Story of the Phantom of the Opera by KateLorraine
Sleep Without Dreams | The Kate Lorraine
This is the story of Christine Rayier, an innocent nineteen-year-old girl who is held captive by the Shah of Persia and given to a madman who calls himself the Angel of...
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What Crawls Below by SmallBobInc
What Crawls Belowby bitter's in fashion
饾應饾挌饾挀饾挅饾挃 饾拝饾拹饾拞饾挃饾拸'饾挄 饾拤饾拏饾挆饾拞 饾拏 饾挃饾拹饾挅饾拲, 饾拏饾拸饾拝 饾拤饾拞'饾挃 饾拵饾拏饾拰饾拪饾拸饾拡 饾懟饾挅饾拞饾挃饾拝饾拏饾挌'饾挃 饾拡饾挀饾拹饾挊 饾拝饾拏饾挀饾拰饾拞饾挀. Deep in a cult's mission to bring about the end of th...
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Creased by MisztVee
Creasedby 螔喂蔚喂喂蔚
Hello? Hello? Is this recorder working? Sound check, sound check... ehem yes. The date is January 14, exactly 1 year since the mysterious case of Fallforth. My name is J...
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Sinning Once Again (MAS: BOOK 2) by blinksarepink
Sinning Once Again (MAS: BOOK 2)by mybestpart
Leaving Lox Ridge and moving to another town with the vampire who destroyed her life was never going to be easy for Lisa. The new move was their chance to start afresh...
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My imaginary boyfriend by UBoonorana
My imaginary boyfriendby Patrick Rangimant
"If you leave it without saying goodbye,鈥╥t will come back to deprive the life out of you."鈥ˋt first, Phai though that Klong was only his imaginary friend who...
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Inexorable[ Wang Yibo 脳 Xiao Zhan] by nomynn
Inexorable[ Wang Yibo 脳 Xiao Zhan]by Nomyn Tarcea
醼♀嬦贬欋结勧光嬦戓涐册倳 醼佱横糕嬦贬会欋醼光嬦会佱勧光嬦羔醼 醼佱夺涐愥 鈥嬦贬醼勧光嬦羔醼勧光嬦樶夺 醼贬醼勧光嬦羔佱横糕嬦贬曖羔会佱勧光嬦羔佱夺涐会佱勧光嬦羔戓醼光 醼曖伩醼曖羔会欋勧光嬦丰会欋愥光嬦愥氠光嬦亱 鈥嬦贬醼勧光嬦羔醼勧光嬦樶夺 醼溼 醼愥呩光嬦炨斸光嬦羔醼嬦贬涐坚羔佱横氠光嬦涐勧光 醼♀...
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Be Wary of the Sounds by Nairagia
Be Wary of the Soundsby Nairagia
This story is purely a work of fiction. The characters, although taken from real people, have no association with their irl namesakes. Any resemblance to people, livin...
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Child Of Darkness by AshOrion1307
Child Of Darknessby Atish Sorokhaibam
" The world is too bright. So let's destroy it together". Two hundred years ago in the continent of Aviona where only exists darkness. And atop all the darknes...
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Rest In Peace: 300 Year Old Witch by Titania188
Rest In Peace: 300 Year Old Witchby Titania
What happens when you add a suicidal witch, a possessive Alpha, killer monsters, and Greek mythology together? Mayhem. Hilarious, death defying mayhem. ---trigger warni...
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o褌褌era 薪喂g薪 褧c薪ool 馃敭 [apply 覔喂c] by Ayumi_Cycy028
o褌褌era 薪喂g薪 褧c薪ool 馃敭 [apply 覔喂c]by littlericeu
鈭喢'm 褧蟽 胁伪d 胁伪d, 铆 ju褧t w伪nn伪 胁褦 褧褦lf铆褧h 铆t'褧 伪 hundr褦d t铆m褦褧 胁褦tt褦r th伪n 胁褦铆ng hurt pr褦t褦nd铆ng t蟽 胁褦 n铆c褦鈭 脳w伪nn伪胁褦 胁褔 铆tz褔 w褦lc蟽m褦 t蟽 蟽tt褦r伪 h铆gh 褧ch蟽蟽l. 露r蟽l褦pl伪褔...
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Her Shells (GXG, Completed!) by vasaloloa
Her Shells (GXG, Completed!)by Cassidy
A short story about a girl's first love with the Ocean. "When I saw the Ocean, my heart leapt from my chest, and the receding water took it with Her." Carolin...
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The Last Phoenix by rachelwrites27
The Last Phoenixby R.H.Writer
Colin Kazimierz is a hyperactive mess. He's also a mage. In a world where the normal and the super-magical blur, he can see over the lines of reality. And he's haunted b...
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WINNERS FOR THE LGA ENTRIES by thelastgenawards
These are just the winners for the LGA entries!
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Un jeu innocent by Melina-Brori
Un jeu innocentby Melina-Brori
Remy, Violette, Nora et Elliot sont amis depuis presque six ans. Ils forment une ins茅parable bande tr猫s connue et appr茅ci茅e au sein de leur internat, endroit o霉 ils ont...
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鉂涒劤ademoiselle 鈩祇ir鉂 - An Interactive Novel by Inky_Studios
鉂涒劤ademoiselle 鈩祇ir鉂 - An Charlie, the 'Responsible' Ol...
It has been quiet in the village of Lakegrave. The people were busy with their daily tasks, the children were playing on the streets and the fishermen were out on sea. Y...
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My WhiteBlood Mate  by KayBanks365
My WhiteBlood Mate by KayBanks365
he said " fuck it " and turned his face to me and smashed his lips on to mine I gasped which led him to slip his tongue in my mouth and we fought for dominance...
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ACCEPTED ENTRIES  by samaishaali
UPDATED: 29th March 2020, 5:25 PM (AST) ***************** Contains: List of all entries received and Accepted for The Zodiac Awards. NOTE: This is not the Awards, Jus...
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Angels Of Time by parv779
Angels Of Timeby Sila
"Hell is empty and all the devils are here." - William Shakespeare What would you do if you discovered that there was so much more to the Universe? What would...
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Keeping An Eye by PixieTikki_Trixx
Keeping An Eyeby Trixie
Beaufort Sky 16 Female And alive. For now. ______________ Orchard Cove promises a beautiful seashore, apple orchards and wintery landscape. Beaufort Sky finds this place...
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