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Sincerely,  Alex Osbourne  by lilly_stark_osbourne
Sincerely, Alex Osbourne by Lilly
Alexandra Rhiannon Osbourne: daughter of the legendary Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne. This is the story of her life
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Classic Imagines, Preferences, GIFs And More by Foxglove_Raindrop
Classic Imagines, Preferences, GIF...by ✨Heroes And Villains✨
Just imagines (mainly GIF imagines) of people! Mainly people from classic rock, but other people may he involved too! 💕 Thank you x
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Classic Rock Shitposts by TheClassicRockJunkie
Classic Rock Shitpostsby TheClassicRockJunkie
Exactly what the title says
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To my lover, I'd never lie (ozzy osbourne fanfiction) by monicaasmithh
To my lover, I'd never lie (ozzy o...by monicaasmithh
this story is about a girl named Vivian, who happens to be a newly professional makeup artist. On a client appointment for sharon osbourne, she meets her husband ozzy...
STARRMAN · PETER PARKER by sadbutxtrue
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Ozzy Osbourne Smut by AlexandraBVB
Ozzy Osbourne Smutby Alex
Requests are open. Like & comment.
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1984/ No more tears/ too young to fall in love  (A Mötley & Ozzy story) by AeroLover21
1984/ No more tears/ too young to...by Becky
When Ozzy is on is Bark at the moon tour, he and the members of Mötley come across a single car crash. The car was a mess thanks to the tree it was smashed into. Rightly...
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cRaCk oZzY by willysphatass
cRaCk oZzYby Yo
Crack fic including some of my fav rockstars/actors etc. I do not own any of them. Don't sue. :') might continue.
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Bad Trip {Ricky Kasso} by korovamilkplus
Bad Trip {Ricky Kasso}by megan✨
7 months with her boyfriend, Ricky. He was a high school drop out, she was still in her junior year. Living on the streets on Northport, New York. Until she invited h...
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red lips & finger tips // nikki sixx by eightieswhore
red lips & finger tips // nikki si...by kings of sleaze
it's the fucking 80s w/ the one & only nikki sixx himself,, so read at your own warning !!! no trigger warnings so prepare
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SECRETS - T. LEE by monroeisms
SECRETS - T. LEEby mikayla.
Los Angeles in the 1980s is notorious like no other time or place for its sense of rock and roll debauchery. A time soaked in Jack Daniels with cigarettes and hard drugs...
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insubordinate // tony iommi  by whosgrunge
insubordinate // tony iommi by ava :/
moving to a new place can be scary, well, sometimes. unless you find that one special person. (none of the events in this story were guaranteed to have actually happened...
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The After Party // Randy Rhoads  by waycoolash
The After Party // Randy Rhoads by ash
Randy Rhoads' 25th birthday; you surprise him after a concert in Chicago, Illinois.
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" IRON MAN - " by bitingbats
" IRON MAN - "by 🦇
mb;s + smbq+
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Alice Cooper Short Stories  by HongjoongsHoe
Alice Cooper Short Stories by bye
A few short stories centered around Alice Cooper and his family. I don't own anything but the words in this.
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Nothing but friends and music. by the_motionless666
Nothing but friends and music.by the_motionless666
A fanfic about me, my friends and our band....beware the weirdness that is bound to be shown.
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The Fighter *.* [BACK IN BUSINESS☺] by SGTC_Unicorns
The Fighter *.* [BACK IN BUSINESS☺]by SGTC_Unicorns
Rose Carter was only six years old when she was sent into a foster home when her mother was killed, and her father got locked up. Stressed, depressed, and drug-obsess...
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Marilyn Manson and Ozzy by ozzyfan
Marilyn Manson and Ozzyby ozzyfan
Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne confessing their love for each other (This is my first fanfic. I didn't take much time to write it so don't expect it to be good. Anywa...
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Dreamer by rocknrollbabe16
Dreamerby rocknrollbabe16
Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne fanfic! If no one likes it I'll take it down, just wanted to try something different.