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Pet to the king  by Catacomb-death
Pet to the king by Catacomb-death
Count from The King of Hell over in Lustful fantasies A pure little flower, Lilly, gets claimed as a sacrifice by Lucifer himself, and thus her journey of pleasure and p...
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Crosstesting permitted [SCP-049xSCP-XXX] by PatzeShaymin
Crosstesting permitted [SCP-049xSC...by Jeyawue
The SCP foundation captured a new SCP that seems to be somewhat the reversed version of SCP-049, the plague doctor. Crosstesting permitted for further research. ------- ...
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My Master - Yoonmin by Eviolus-
My Master - Yoonminby DC
Jimin offers a madochist slept with an opportunity to escape an abusive relationship
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Wilted Red Rose [Yandere!Levi X Reader] by Alcetore
Wilted Red Rose [Yandere!Levi X Re...by Alcetore
A flower only lasted for so long, much like you. Levi simply just couldn't sit with that, so what better way than to forcibly make you his "guest." [Taken plac...
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The claiming ceremony  by hey_kids_its_me
The claiming ceremony by Just me
*COMPLETED* To be 'claimed' is when a woman of the age of 18 is chosen by a male the age of 20 to be his wife. They get no say in it. Woman are not equal to men and are...
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Dwarf Hamster Care by KortainCreator
Dwarf Hamster Careby Emily Dunn
Everything you need to know about caring for your precious pet hamster.
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The Gangsters Possession by Caitlinleanne48
The Gangsters Possessionby Caitlin
"You said it yourself Cam, Brandon doesn't have that kind of money and friend or not theres no fucking way I can just let it slide" I was definetly sure he'd l...
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Captured. by sleepyeyes-bonyknees
Captured.by hayden
Jake is a slave, given no choice in this cruel, dark world but to be a servant to men with twisted minds. Cale is just a troubled 15 year old boy, looking to anything a...
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Perfume |thomesa au| by AjPunkx
Perfume |thomesa au|by KAYLAN
UPDATED EVERY THURSDAY! THIS STORY IS COMPLETE AU Teresa Agnes works for Thomas Murphy in a well known fashion business called 'Perfume'. But what Teresa doenst know is...
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The Rogue's Slave by astraelax
The Rogue's Slaveby Lynx
"The moon is to decipher who belongs to another. Even the one who has the most filth, happens to be someone's gem." - Join the forging of The King Vasilius Deo...
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Without her by FeelingDope
Without herby Pels D Girl
Aubree hopes to finish high school with a quiet ending . What happens when bad boy Hunter comes into the picture?!. Read this book to watch fireworks fly.
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Feelings that must be hidden by Shirro
Feelings that must be hiddenby Equus
That broken feeling only deepened itself, as the years passed. Even as close as we where back then, i do not posses the power to control nor to decide whats right and wr...
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Secrets Only My English Teacher Knows by Danielleh0885
Secrets Only My English Teacher Kn...by Danielle Lora
Secrets and Fears are a natural part of a teenage girls everyday life. But for Amy, they haunt her. Always having to make excuses for her odd bruises, she loathes the da...
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Jokes On You by Brokeloose
Jokes On Youby Me over you
Melanie is dating the star hockey player of her city, Kyson. His love is intense, full of possession and ownership but she's roped in too deep to untangle herself yet. T...
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My OC's by DiamondGuardian33
My OC'sby DiamondGuardian33
Read the title. Available to RP with!
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Pepsi cola ~ shyan  by pasteltinez
Pepsi cola ~ shyan by pasteltinez
Just good old wholesome kinky shyan smut 🥺
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Stuck In Between [Complete] by Pinkyb13
Stuck In Between [Complete]by Pinky
What if you were to choose between two boys? One being your boyfriend and the other being a boy who sets your skin on fire. The choice would be easy since one is your bo...
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 Your place in my child Ohoudani by user25914298
Your place in my child Ohoudaniby لحن 🎶صامت🎶
Yes it is feared all men do not know mercy is not like any other man ... he was just like any other .stcolon cool men possessive and spiteful, but her name is not reache...
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Maid Spongebob  by emoislove63
Maid Spongebob by 💗judespikachu
It was a dark night Spongebob hadn't shown up for work at the Krusty Krab hell he wasn't even home Where is he hissed Squidward as he paced back and fourth the teal hai...
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Bug, Bug, Buggy by beenmachine
Bug, Bug, Buggyby beenmachine
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