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Neighbors with the Bad Boy (In Editing And Reconstruction) by BriannaT000
Neighbors with the Bad Boy (In Edi...by brianna
I wasn't different; I was like every other teenage girl at school. I didn't resist the bad boy, the bad-boy didn't resist me. We fell for each other—just like every othe...
Don't Speak by karabear_
Don't Speakby Kara
Brae is your average 17 year old girl, except that she won't speak. Her mother left when she was just a little girl, forcing Brae and her dad to fend for themselvses. He...
Sherlock Preferences by tay_madi
Sherlock Preferencesby tay_madi
So I'm making more preferences!! And it's Sherlock! So I'll be doing it in this order - Sherlock -Greg -Jim I hope you enjoy these. I'm always taking request.
The Boy Next Door by aribeckley
The Boy Next Doorby a r i
Sixteen year old Zoey's life was perfect and peaceful. That is until bad news popped up in the neighborhood. He also happens to live right next door to her. Turns out Za...
Home is Where You Are by paperandpen444
Home is Where You Areby ~Samantha~
Abby and Liam reunite and begin their lives together.
Taylor and Joe: Timeline by tswiftfanfiction
Taylor and Joe: Timelineby taylor swift fanfiction
An interpretation of the Taylor and Joe relationship timeline, written to be as realistic as possible. All writing originally posted by taylorswift-fanfiction on tumblr.
Mine (Tom Holland x Reader) by s_sonora
Mine (Tom Holland x Reader)by sonora
Just a story of how you met and became the one and only in Tom's life.
Tfp high school x reader by moonstar2003
Tfp high school x readerby moonstar2003
In this one-shots you will be with transformers prime characters as a highschool boy or girl! .
I am a whore by shyannmiles14
I am a whoreby shyann miles
It's a book about me and how I like to cheat on my fiance and be just a whore in general I like to lick the cum off off my tits after guys pay to fuck me I love it when...
Pranky Love by miss_oline
Pranky Loveby Caroline
*Love Elevator's Sequel* Finally, Libby and Dom are back! She started to go to a new school. Of course, with a lot of pranks in her sleeves, both at school and at home. ...
Love S.O.S Club by LynxSio
Love S.O.S Clubby Lynx
Yoru Kurasagi a 16 year old boy,a transfer student in Hoshiga High once met Mayu Ikeda(16) the president of the formed club called "Love S.O.S" to give help an...
Haphephobia (Sanders Sides Logicality) by noellemma
Haphephobia (Sanders Sides Logical...by emmie
Logan has haphephobia, which makes it hard for him to do almost anything with anyone. But, when he has a roommate in his dorm for college, what could happen? *! WARNING...
All Work No Play by WolfMooon0613
All Work No Playby Finn
It is not easy becoming a hero, but its not any easier trying to become a hero when you have a part time job just to get by. Eijiro, better known as Kirishima, works as...
Forbidden Love (a teacher student romance) by hopelessromantic275
Forbidden Love (a teacher student...by Joy
Hallie Ramon starts her first day of 10th grade, completely unsuspecting that she would fall for her math teacher, and Jacob Andrews has no idea he will fall for one of...
witchcraft love spells without ingredients in UK +256770817128 by babamuntu
witchcraft love spells without ing...by baba muntu
welcome to Baba Muntu spells, my name is Baba Muntu I do cast powerful spells. I specialize in witchcraft spells, marriage spells, Quick Divorce Spells, return lost love...
The steps of my story ( Makorra ) by ravenclaw76
The steps of my story ( Makorra )by ravenclaw76
Hi everyone! This is my first fanfiction and I hope that you will like it. I must say that I don't speak English and maybe I will have a lot of mistakes. Sorry about tha...
Through A Child's Eyes by search81
Through A Child's Eyesby Elizabeth Jean Cataldi
.Enter the world through a child's eyes and become innocent again. Love with fascination of the simple things. From a big brown dog that gets into everything to so muc...
Adolescence by confusin_g
Adolescenceby confusin_g
ad·o·les·cence. noun \ˌa-də-ˈle-sən(t)s\. the period following the onset of puberty during which a young person develops from a child to an adult. synonyms: teenage yea...