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DRAGONFLY ━ graphic shop. by dunbonnet
DRAGONFLY ━ graphic shop.by -ˋˏ spooky rea ˎˊ-
❝ SING ME A SONG FOR A LASS THAT IS    GONE. SAY, COULD THAT LASS BE I? ❞        ✧ [ status: closed ] [ graphics shop ] [ est. 2020 © dunbonnet ]
Welcome To Weirdness! (Account Introduction) by sammytheskitty33
Welcome To Weirdness! (Account Int...by Samantha Szyperski
Oh! found this book? well. congrats! welcome! this book is a gate way to the most strangest account ever created! Read with caution!
Phoenix by AnnaMaria_777
Phoenixby Anna Maria
Phoenix, one moment with her feet planted on the ground, another flying through the air plummets to her death only to get saved by mysterious aliens living in a village...
Dentistreason by mrbauta
Dentistreasonby Mr. Bauta
A comedic tale of a modern-day dentist clinic called, "Schnitzel Dental Care." It follows the story of Heinkel Schmarotzer and his employee's loony adventures...
A Song To Save Your Soul by ForeverAdrift
A Song To Save Your Soulby Shay
A series of short stories that have taken form from the inspiration instilled by the lyrics and melody of a song.
Repackaged by Fascination83
Repackagedby Julian Weisberg
What is "Repackaged" you might ask? I myself am not sure, but maybe you will.
How to Rob a Bank by BookMuncher256
How to Rob a Bankby BookMuncher256
What happens when an inept bank robber, a bored teller, and a high strung supervisor meet? Well, a bank may just get robbed.
Outlandish by Lizard917
Outlandishby Liz Parsons
Humanity is to settle down on another planet due to Earth's obliteration. Now living in a different solar system, they have to get used to their new environment, and acc...
the nessgore chronicles-1 the corrupters by bornwild7223
the nessgore chronicles-1 the corr...by Jo Kahn
Nessgore is a world full of bloody battles, life,death, and life again. As there are many characters and beasts. And the world revolves around various rescources that ha...
The Curious Life of a Sober Alcoholic by KylaGoulet
The Curious Life of a Sober Alcoho...by Kyla Goulet
Short stories of an outlandish, entertaining biography of fifteen-year-old Abram Abernathy. From an independent Irishman to a cunning "womanizer", Abernathy wi...
Ordinary Girl ? I Don't Think So  by hotchicsouth
Ordinary Girl ? I Don't Think So by hotchicsouth
Everyone wants to grow up get a good job with good pay and a nice husband and kids with a nice house and everyone wants to grow old with their lover and die in peace. S...
The Ties That Bind by afaham7
The Ties That Bindby AHMET
Christine's death triggers Max's search for the truth about his family leading him to uncover a 17-year secret that will change his life forever. Go beyond the gates of...
The Death Poems: Collection 2 by KuroHikari
The Death Poems: Collection 2by Clara
The second collection of poems about darkness and evil. This collection will have everything from zombies to nightmares. Collection 3 is now published, so please check...
Poems of Life, Horror, Strength, and Failure by Mochaman
Poems of Life, Horror, Strength, a...by Alexander Crary
A small collection of short and long poems/stories. These writings will cross into all the different kinds of moods and genres, some will be humorous others deep, and ev...
Vengeance by 0AryaThompson0
Vengeanceby Arya Thompson
Spooky story! Involves some trigger scenes (at the end)...a little graphic and pretty spooky. I might be being a little too conservative but 13+. About a girl whose par...
Fantasy Joker by Chancesareseldom
Fantasy Jokerby Chancesareseldom
A magical world is opened up to you through readable words, and some imagination. Beautiful adventures and dreams await. Where will your narrator Centered take you? Will...
Dimensional Love (Naruto Series Story) by Amaterasu
Dimensional Love (Naruto Series St...by Amaterasu!!!!
As usual, Naruto is hell bent on bringing his old teammate back and reforming the still broken team. After a failed mission to bring him back…again, our group find thems...
Outlandish and Queer by hannahshere
Outlandish and Queerby Hannah Shea
Andrea Guma: smart, petite, bullied, uses #hatersgonnahate way to often, 17, senior, has only her dad left, dances, wants to become a nurse, the most single person you c...