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my demon~ Kino by Taystyyy
my demon~ Kinoby Taystyyy~
Kino, a man with an unruly feral lust demon. Alaia, a woman with a raging alcoholic as a demon. Longing for another, they try again and again to find a lover--but their...
Our Demons by Taystyyy
Our Demonsby Taystyyy~
Physical contact demons have it the toughest, only making up 10% of the population. When Liz, a physical contact demon, finds another of her rare kind. Will the prosper...
UT- LostSouls by filledwithcharacter
UT- LostSoulsby Chara Dreemurr
Highest ratings are: #1 in CharaDreemurr #1 in AsrielDreemurr #3 in Azzy #4 in OriginalAU ***Warning....there are some themes in this book that may disturb people, such...
This Is How It All Started(a Pierce The Veil, Black Veil Brides fanfiction) by therealpikachu
This Is How It All Started(a Pierc...by therealpikachu
A tour bus pulled into my driveway. It was the Black Veil Brides tour bus. There were more bands in there too. There was Black Veil Brides, Pierce the Veil and All Time...
Abyss of darkness by Xtrauma
Abyss of darknessby Xtrauma
A collection of dark poetries that manifests us the meaning of , 'The life's way of playing with you', it shows how life or faith is always two steps ahead of you and ho...
Seeing Our Shadows by The_Devils_Angels
Seeing Our Shadowsby The_Devils_Angels
Everyone has demons. But demons see their shadows. We must all confront them eventually, or break down. We're seeing ours.
Scream and Shout by TerraShrone91
Scream and Shoutby Delaney Anderson
The inner creatures.
our demons // original by TransformingUnicorn
our demons // originalby ~Transforming Unicorn~
[I'm at conflict with my head] {I'm at conflict with my head} [I accept it] {I fight it} [{Help please}] --- This is my first time doing something like this so let's see...