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♤<|Kokichi ouma x reader oneshots|>♤ by bnhafangirlhere
♤♤by {Local Writer}
1. Hi. 2. I do lemons 3. I don't own all the photos that are gonna be in this book 4.hoped you enjoy my long description and story...♡ 5. Almost forgot.... 6. Your (Y/N)
every kokichi picture I freaking have by Notsorryreeeeee
every kokichi picture I freaking h...by stripper clown
None of the art is mine and all creates go to the original artists.
It's the truth (pre-game kokichi x reader) by Ouma_Kin
It's the truth (pre-game kokichi x...by ♟🎲 Alex ♟🎲
What happens when the most bullied student meets the prettiest girl in school? Read to find out ;)
danganronpa oneshots (mainly saiibo) by D1G1TALL0VE
danganronpa oneshots (mainly saiib...by skye !
ooh danganronpa oneshtos!! i dont take requests unless youre a friend uhh i normally write fluff or angst, so yeag ships with chapters so far: saiibo oumami naegami soni...
Shuichi is absolutely and utterly terrified of almost anything, triggers everywhere no matter how safe he presumed to be. The simulation rattled with his brain, making...
Danganronpa Zx- Zero Hope by Sakuradanna
Danganronpa Zx- Zero Hopeby Sakuradanna
Sumiyo Shinojara es una chica de 16 años, aburrida de la vida y que un día como cualquiera en un campamento conocerá a Yiuyi Daydoyi. (Estos dos harán competencia para v...
saiouma oneshots by auz_666
saiouma oneshotsby katie <3
requests open! i'll update as much as possible :p
🍑 Denying Love 🍑 || Miu Iruma x Kokichi Ouma x Kiibo by VolcanicCrisis
🍑 Denying Love 🍑 || Miu Iruma x...by Volcanic Crisis
🍑 Non Despair AU 🍑 🍑 Danganronpa V3 🍑 Miu Iruma 🍑 Ko...
Cringe Oumasai Halloween oneshot  by ShadowySnoot
Cringe Oumasai Halloween oneshot by Kokichi’s Left Big Toe
Cringe. Proper grammar and punctuation and all that stuff. And not my art. I j u s t w a n t e d t o m a k e a d a d j o k e .
Love Potions- Oumeno fanfic by iTsaFrICkINLiE
Love Potions- Oumeno fanficby cOkiCHi ouMa
Supreme leaders (of evil) don't have crushes. Or, so he thought (Aka an angsty fic where Kokichi doesn't understand what feelings are) COVER NOT MINE- Also this is my f...
Better together(saiouma)(oumasai)(smut?) by Lefvkinglla
Better together(saiouma)(oumasai)(...by is_eeu29
Meh im just bored, IM BAD AT MAKING STORIES IM JUST BORED SO YA Spoiler! Rantaro is kokichi bf AT FIRST SO DONT COME AT ME kaede is shuichi gf AT FIRST DONT COME FOR ME...
Roses are red, his hair is violet.. by KomaedaTrash2
Roses are red, his hair is violet..by YangShiyu
A saiouma fanfiction WARNING ⚠️ -self harming -depression -suicidal thoughts -cursing -smut??? Blurb: Shuichi saihara is the ultimate Detective studying at hopes peak h...
I'm Glad I Met You (Saiouma fic) by hihbjni
I'm Glad I Met You (Saiouma fic)by Chicken
Kokichi Ouma a boy around 5'1 transfers high schools due to the fires, he then meets an interesting person, Shuichi Saihara who is reserved about his feelings, he decide...
Misguided (comic) by Shuuroll
Misguided (comic)by 🎲GoldenSapphire🎲
Comic version of the og fanfic! https://www.wattpad.com/story/230162081-misguided Story belongs to me, and I got the idea from the creator of Shuichi's hunt- my partner...
Danganronpa V3 Group Chat ✨😀 by missakamatsu
Danganronpa V3 Group Chat ✨😀by kenneth
Just to point it out there, this is a non-despair alternate universe. Everyone in this story are 16-17 years old. They are all in highschool. Please note, this story is...
•kokichi oneshots!• | DRV3 by nonbinary_
•kokichi oneshots!• | DRV3by dog
a book full of kokichi one shots!! -i'll do any ship as long as its not portrayed in a negative light. this includes kaiouma!! -i do fluff, healing, angst, etc! i'll ev...
The liars sister (Oumasai/Saiouma)(Rantaro x Reader) by Silverwillow_12
The liars sister (Oumasai/Saiouma)...by Silverwillow_12
(Y/N) is Kokichi Oma's twins sister and the ultimate fashion designer. When they suddenly get put in a killing game, Kokichi Wants (Y/N) to keep the fact that they're si...
Thief of my heart - OUMAEDE  by shuichiswife7
Thief of my heart - OUMAEDE by Ben <3
⚠️ANY SHIP HATE WILL BE DELETED⚠️ I know, this isn't a very popular ship and probably nobody will read this- but it's a comfort ship. Basically- this is a princess and t...
The Talent Swap by weebweebweebin
The Talent Swapby SHSL Procrastinator
THE COVER IS NOT MY ART!! I got it from Pinterest! But can we just like, appreciate how well the cover fits this story lmao A non-despair au, the cast of v3 goes to Hope...
Tragedy behind smiles. by Yuki_kayio
Tragedy behind smiles.by Lu
From the beginning to the end of this life. A playout of events. One after another,after another, after another. Sickening things happen to the ones who wait. They alw...