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Osomatsu-san Husband Scenarios by Strawchan98
Osomatsu-san Husband Scenariosby Strawchan98
Welcome to the sequel to my Osomatsu-san Boyfriend Scenarios! I really loved making the first book and I wanted to continue. Please request scenarios you would like for...
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My soulmate from another world? by BadEnglishGirl7
My soulmate from another world?by BadEnglishGirl7
You are the typical reader with a sad past. What a cliche, right? Well, can't be helped. Things gone wrong and you got thrown into the world of Osomatsu-san. What will h...
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Osomatsu-san x Reader [LEMON] by SmuttyMatsu
Osomatsu-san x Reader [LEMON]by Mrs_Osomatsu_Matsuno
⚠️If you dont like incest then plz leave now⚠️ This is my fanfic because well i NEED MORE OSOMATSU x READER STUFF OKAY?!? >.< Art in book arent mine they belong t...
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But You Don't Care by __Karamatsu__
But You Don't Careby mały kot
Karamatsu has had it with his brothers constantly berating him, and he can't take anymore abuse or neglect. But what is this feeling he has resonating from inside, and w...
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My Maid! Osomatsu-san x Maid! Reader [Lemon] by AJasso17
My Maid! Osomatsu-san x Maid! Read...by Ajasso17
You were going to visit the six tuples not much of a big deal. Until then you and the brother made a bet. And by the looks of it I think you know who lost ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). S...
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Osomatsu-san x Reader by Rainynightsky
Osomatsu-san x Readerby Rainynightsky
Just oneshots about you and the characters in Osomatsu-san! Osomatsu-san belongs to Fujio Akatsuka. Cover art: けろこ on pixiv.
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Seven Minutes in Heaven [Osomatsu-San] by MusicDork16
Seven Minutes in Heaven [Osomatsu...by Simone // Ray
[EDITED] As you can tell by the title, this will be a Seven Minutes in Heaven (SMiH) type of thing. I first started writing this book when I was sleep deprived at four a...
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"Liar" (Cheating!Osomatsu x Reader) by itchymatsuu
"Liar" (Cheating!Osomatsu x Reader)by Mac
"You said you loved me."
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lovely (karamatsu x reader) by chemidazed
lovely (karamatsu x reader)by Chem™
// sequel to you matter to me // "won't you stay alive i'll take you on a ride i will make you believe you are lovely." slow updates!!
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Anything For My Brother {Osomatsu-san Fanfic} by MikeysCliffocanda
Anything For My Brother {Osomatsu...by Gruncle Shaq
Warning: Self harm, violence, sexual assault, language, other heavy themes Painful, useless, worthless, waste of space...These are just some of the words Karamatsu hears...
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A Deceitful Wonderland by LittleMissXai
A Deceitful Wonderlandby Xai
don't you ever wish you could escape the harsh reality if this world? I want to live in a world where fun never ends. A world where there's no problems or troubles. A wo...
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My Love, I'll kill for you. [ Killer! Osomatsu-san x Reader [ SLOW UPDATES ] by cr0cketagne
My Love, I'll kill for you. [ Kill...by aly !
Ah, yes. The title explains it all !! This is a fanfic of the Matsuno brothers but they're killers. :') Anyways, I'm gonna try my almighty best to keep update with this...
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Our promise (Osomatsu San x reader fanfic!) by xXakaringoXx
Our promise (Osomatsu San x reader...by xXakaringoXx
You're a shy, introverted girl, who didnt have that much self confidence and socialization. And finally in your 20's (or19) you decided to move and began living alone! Y...
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Osomatsu-san Oc by ShioriVeraWolfe1824
Osomatsu-san Ocby VeraWolfe
Aqui presento a un personaje Oc en Osomatsu-san y en sus diversos Au's. Espero les guste. Dibujos hechos por mi.
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Songs Of Silence  by LittleMissXai
Songs Of Silence by Xai
There's been some sort of accident. Karamatsu wakes up, cold and confused in the Matsuno household. Everyone is acting so strange or was he the one acting strange? He k...
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osomatsu san oneshots ( old n cringy ) by EvieTheOtaku
osomatsu san oneshots ( old n crin...by ya yeet.
gags im sorry that you guys like this sm its so old and i thought karamatsu was some badass fuckboy- yo i even mixed up japanese in here im??? embarrassed
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Osomatsu-san Oneshots (Book 4) by AnimeGirll88
Osomatsu-san Oneshots (Book 4)by Melody
This is the fourth book of oneshots for Osomatsu-san. I hope you enjoy it.
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Challenging a Sextuplet's Love! (Osomatsu-San/Hurt!Reader) by alumikyo
Challenging a Sextuplet's Love! (O...by Alumikyo
Y/N had thought Matsuyo Matsuno would be giving her a job to take care of her house and her six 'children' while she was at her one year vacation with her husband. Inste...
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¿¡Cinco Matsunos Mas!? (KaraXTodos 7v7) by brisamartinez739
¿¡Cinco Matsunos Mas!? (KaraXTodos...by Janeth739
Por un experimento de Dekapan, ahora los sextillizos tiene que aprender a convivir con dos caras y personalidades iguales de cinco de ellos, mas Karamatsu, ya que recibi...
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all the things she said. | matsus x reader | by Toffeh
all the things she said. | matsus...by yuii
"Love" stories with horny virgin NEETs. Have fun ♡ (how do I summary???) I don't beta read lol This will contain ♡ fluff ♤smut ♧angst Started: 1. July 2016 ...
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