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Warings: abuse, suicide, self-harm This is an LGBTQ story Scarlett Rose is a princess forgotten by the world. Hidden and abused by her parents, she is finally bartered...
I.N.K. (Inu No Kaneko) | Original Kemonomimi Light Novel by thefencekey
I.N.K. (Inu No Kaneko) | Original...by Fence Key
Kaneko lives a rather normal life as a college student and art teacher. She goes from class to work and back home, every day reliving the same cycle over and over again...
-Forgotten Memories- by CurseOfVanishing
-Forgotten Memories-by Herep
This is a book that follows the "simple" life of Curse White. Curse didn't remember much from before he woke up in the snowy desert that was known as "The...
(TC1) Tidai Chronicles |1| Index + Start! by l-----------------l
(TC1) Tidai Chronicles |1| Index +...by l-----------------l
Get immersed in a totally mysterious and interactive world! This story is developed at a quick pace and through roleplaying with three different characters and their pla...
A Reincarnated Idol's Revenge Remaking Hiatus by Asmeret4
A Reincarnated Idol's Revenge Rema...by TheSpicy1
Long story short This story is about a mute shy sweet and timid girl who died and got reincarnated died again and got reincarnated again but this time her personality is...
(TC2) The Path of Oblivion. by l-----------------l
(TC2) The Path of Oblivion.by l-----------------l
TC2 or Tidai Chronicles 2 are a series of interactive and roleplayed stories. The Path of Oblivion is entirely different to the other three of this chronicle in one fac...
In Lands of Old by E_Newman
In Lands of Oldby E_Newman
"A tale to tell of wondrous lands, where not one grain of logic stands..." Aya is a Changeling. Born in another world with no memory of how she got to the land...
Spiritual Beasts: Beginnings by RebellionixDor
Spiritual Beasts: Beginningsby RebellionixDor
In the city of Lucid City, there has been mysteries and rumors going around. No one was able to find out these secrets until now. Join the Spirit Knights in their advent...
On Destiny's Wings: A Journey of Embers (UNDERGOING REVISIONS) by TytoVortex
On Destiny's Wings: A Journey of E...by Charlee
In the mountain kingdom of the FireClaws, a young dragonling named Sundrop spends her days listening to her mother tell noble tales originating from the old ages. Thousa...
Jinying by pretty_SVT
Jinyingby (inactive)
The place where I go to worldbuild for an Urban Fantasy Seventeen AU! Feel free to leave a comment, or pm me for places to send fanart!
The Finch and the Woodpecker: A Fantasy Friendship Story by CMBwriter
The Finch and the Woodpecker: A Fa...by CMBwriter
Spite, anger, shame; they're all Florence Finch can feel anymore. As the daughter of a warrior noble family, it is her duty to protect the Silver Glow kingdom, and it's...
Black Shuck by smzipp
Black Shuckby Sean Murphy
Frost Wildoath is a Wechuge, a spiritual being born of flora, fauna, and weather. Despite his wolfen appearance, he has a compassionate heart that directs him to aid a s...
The World of Ovold: A Worldbuilding Project by exactly_1_nerd
The World of Ovold: A Worldbuildin...by friendly neighbourhood rat
Hey folks, Oscar here! I've come up with many different story ideas in my time and recently I thought it would be really cool if a few of them took place in the same wor...
(Lore) Tidai General Fragment 2 - A night in harmony. by l-----------------l
(Lore) Tidai General Fragment 2...by l-----------------l
The general fragments are merely a portion of lore, segments of story that happened or occurred before any of the Tidai chronicles, or that could be part of all of them...
The Midnites-Vampire by Charmsp1
The Midnites-Vampireby Charmsp1
Here is a original story by me taken on my own world. It is basically a fantasy vampire story. When one of the young Princes of the Realm gets kidnapped by an unseen a...
We Are Zeola by Sunset-Peril
We Are Zeolaby Sunset-Peril
Thousands of years ago, the animals of Earth threw off their collars and oppression, starting a sudden revolution against a weakened mankind. Victorious, the animals dis...
Random short scenes I write by moonamoon1
Random short scenes I writeby moonamoon1
The random scenes I write for all the Characters that I come up with. I have dyslexia so I'm sure things like punctuation and stuff isn't the best but this is all just...
LOSTBLOOD by aecianlost
LOSTBLOODby aecian lost
When the Bloodriders come for Rai, she knows that her death will come from the jaws of a dragon. She never considers that she might become a dragon rider instead. Thrus...