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Sage by sdoesnthavealife
Sageby sdoesnthavealife
#A3641, otherwise known as Sage, knows that there is something secretive going on behind the closed doors of Red Valley Facility. If only she could figure out what. Wri...
The Masked Shinobi. [Itachi Uchiha] by ElusiveShadow
The Masked Shinobi. [Itachi Uchiha]by 𝐄sselientje
At the age of six, Zesha Iyokono found herself abandoned by her parents and abducted by a so-called "nobleman". At the age of 20, she finally finds freedom an...
You Are My Kingdom Hearts ➳ Axel by elvhenwildflower
You Are My Kingdom Hearts ➳ Axelby elvhenwildflower
Jai Arrons lived in Radiant Gardens with Leon, and she had for a long time now. But when Radiant Gardens is destroyed and turned into Hollow Bastion, Jai has to try to w...
The Detective And The Thief (On Hiatus) by the_nerdy_hermit
The Detective And The Thief (On the_nerdy_hermit
Kudo Shinichi is a world-famous detective. Kaitou kid is a world-famous thief. The most unlikely pairing both with secrets of their own soon to be discovered no matter h...
The Nerd, She's a Street Racer by DONGeee
The Nerd, She's a Street Racerby DONGeee
Melody Fawkes is a nerd by day and Ace by night. Ace is the top female street racer however no one knows the face behind her mask. When new kid, Jace Ryder saves Ace, he...
Girl Tips by ZahraJean
Girl Tipsby Zahra Jean
'Being a girl is hard, that's why we have to stick together' These are tips for you girls out there. We have to stick together as girls and what better way than for me t...
SATe by SurroundMe
SATeby 𝔹𝕠𝕠
Sometimes there are worlds we shouldn't venture into, despite how closely the ties run with us, because sometimes there is more danger in knowing than in the unknown. S...
Detective Conan: ma suite by 9Laila4
Detective Conan: ma suiteby 9Laila4
Shinichi, jeune détective lycéen de 17 ans, va a tropical land pour fêter la victoire a sa petite amie, et il suis 2 hommes en noir qui le frappe a la tête et lui donne...
Emotions by hridiv
Emotionsby Warrior
"He can control the weather with his emotions" Martin's life wasn't easy. His own father used him for an experiment. The government wants to use Martin's power...
GCSE Revision!!! by Laurie-Evelyn
GCSE Revision!!!by Laurie Evelyn
This is just going to be my tips and tricks on how to revise, what works best for me, and actual revision notes --> however as the GCSEs are all changing because of...
Assassination World by Lulunnana
Assassination Worldby Lulunnana
Alice est une fille complètement normal avec des amis et des ennemis revoie soudainement deux garçons de son passé ! l'un avait gâché sa vie ! et l' autre avait fuit...
Black and White by FanSomeone
Black and Whiteby FanSomeone
This is a Detective Conan Fanfiction. What happens when, it's Finally about to end, Their one in a lifetime chance to catch them is right in front of them. Are lives goi...
A Girl's Guide To Everything by _callmetemi
A Girl's Guide To Everythingby Temi A.
It's simple. I'll outline a few of those problems we girls face daily and I will also provide a guide to dealing with them. Guys don't turn away from this book, cause kn...
Swing Both Ways by nonsenseandnoragami
Swing Both Waysby nonsenseandnoragami
"Somebody's going to break. And it's not going to be me."
His Game Her Fate (On Hold) by xxBluexxflyxx
His Game Her Fate (On Hold)by Bluefly
Sophia is a sensitive, loving and fragile hearted but an angry and courageous girl who's on her way of becoming a detective...But she doesn't have enough qualities to fi...
SCP #2 by Mayu021X
SCP #2by Mayu021X
Ceci est la suite de SCP#1, avec les SCP 201 a 300. Si vous voulez lire depuis le début aller a l'histoire "SCP#1" Les articles présentés ici ont été produits...