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Haikyuu!! x Male Reader by Team_Kuroo
Haikyuu!! x Male Readerby Team_Kuroo
This is the story of how [F/N] [L/N] learns to play his favorite sport for himself instead of his parents, and truly love what he does. And of course learn to love all t...
Love letters ? || Akaashi Keiji X OC  by softbunszx
Love letters ? || Akaashi Keiji softybun🧸
It all started when she, Ayuzawa Akari, received a letter from a certain-someone. But what she didn't know is that she slowly started falling for her secret admirer. S...
20番目の花 ( Twentieth Flower ) by vhy_aesthetica
20番目の花 ( Twentieth Flower )by Autumn Vhyrie
Zianna will fall on the 20th flower from his stalker named Kairus. Little did she know na may nga alaala pala siya na pilit binura sa isip niya simula nung bata pa laman...
OIKAWA GOES TO SHIRATORIZAWA?! by itscalledanime55
a story about OIKAWA goes to SHIRATORIZAWA..if you want to know why oikawa goes to shiratorizawa read this:) well this story is just for's a funny stor...
"My Sweet William" ~Darkstache Fanfic Story~ by WilfordWarfstache030
"My Sweet William" ~Darkstache ღ Warfstache Dado ღ
As read in the title, this story is all about Darkstache! This story shall develop as more chapters are added, also I'm not the type to update everyday, but if you give...
The Beauty of Friends ~Ongoing~ by CandyKitten567
The Beauty of Friends ~Ongoing~by Candy kittensYT
Life isn't the best for some people especially for 12 yr old Skylar, 7th grade becomes an issue as she is trying to keep her grades up, find herself, and the way out of...
You by DennisPark_rossali
Youby Rossali
Diangkat dari kisah nyata antara Aku dan Pria - pria Korea itu ( Bukan Idol)
Always you.  by writer78345
Always you. by Writer78
"You're so annoying" I say while laying next to him. "And that's why you love me" he mumbles under his breath. "No I do not." I huff "...
Meet The Family by Flappyfluff
Meet The Familyby Fluffypuff
This episodic collection of twelve moments in the lives of the five members of the Tindsley family follows the structure and style of television series depicting the ver...
Walang Tayo by lunacrystalites
Walang Tayoby LUNA
A Walang Label Relationship [Vientiane & Gaeia's Story] NOTE: This is an epistolary novel Date Started: October/09/2020
Seduce That Guy by iamnsc
Seduce That Guyby iamnsc
Highest Rank Achieved #39 in Humor Sino nga ba ang mag-aakala, na aalukin ako ng kasal ng lalaking hindi ko naman kilala. At sinong mag-aakala, na papayag ako sa gusto...
The Protective Boyfriend by _Kinky_Bitch_
The Protective Boyfriendby _Kinky_Bitch_
This is based on a true story but names are changed for personal safety. The situation about the ex has been reported and dealt with. This story is about how I found my...
My On Going Story Gallery's  by Miss_Chaee
My On Going Story Gallery's by Chaee
Soon as possible I will publish my new story's.
Destiny of Fire by AdriannaSmoak
Destiny of Fireby Adrianna Smoak
A girl, who has left her past behind and is determined to make her future better. A guy, who is sure that all the good things in his life are going to end badly. What...
Top Secret  by B-Moore870
Top Secret by B-Moore870
Brian & his fiancé Erica has finally tied the knot, and her brother is totally upset. Brain isn't good enough for his Sister is what she was thinking. Sadly, she'll be a...
Alone (Wolf POV Story) by Echangle
Alone (Wolf POV Story)by Grayscale
This is a story written from a Wolf's point of view. A lone wolf, lost from her pack, has to venture through dangerous woods to find her pack again.
In love With a Busboy by Auxanablue2635
In love With a Busboyby Auxana Blue
I haven't been in a relationship in three years. My last one never ended well and I felt like I would never find someone..or just be lonely for a while until someone sho...
When the good girl became a bad girl. by vachelle21
When the good girl became a bad Vachelleee
She is kind, approachable, and super smart. Blaire Alyssa love books not boys. But one day a boy named John Kyro appear in the picture. He did a big change in Blaire's l...
Sun's Eve by elicegreene
Sun's Eveby elicegreene
Characters: Drew Sundrei Co Elliana Eve Louisse Perez Summer Georgia Lorenzana Aaron Harold Tiu Francine Del Cuesta Every night for the past seven years, Elle's mind is...
Limbs by leemccgem
Limbsby leemccgem
Ongoing story with an ending that will shock.