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I'm Looking for Killian Jones ! by SJstarr
I'm Looking for Killian Jones !by SJstarr
She was cursed like the other fairy tale characters and woke up in Storybrooke thinking she was someone else. But she got something they didn't a chance to escape and s...
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Loving you again and again Peter Pan (OUAT) by Imanauthorforfun
Loving you again and again Peter P...by Nobody
The daughter of Captain Hook runs into some trouble in Neverland where she comes accross the Demon her father warned her about. Based on the show
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The Clockwork Conspiracy: A Steampunk Fairytale by lucwatson
The Clockwork Conspiracy: A Steamp...by Lucas Watson
A hidden tower. A trapped servant. An evil enchantress. Sound familiar? In a bygone world of steam and airships, Alek builds singing automatons for the villainous Lady E...
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The Pea Test by AmyLance
The Pea Testby Amy Lance
Everyone knows that a true princess could feel a pea beneath a mattress and Prince Devon will only marry a princess who passes the test. But what if the person who pass...
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I don't think, I believe by writer11082018
I don't think, I believeby Artemis 🏹
Hii :) this book is filled with imagines about Robbie Kay and the roles he played. Hope you enjoy!
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Ever After Contests by WattpadFairytales
Ever After Contestsby Fairy tales
A book filled with a variety of contests that deal with all of your fairy-tale needs! Here we will post monthly contests that you can participate in, and get the opportu...
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Ironia by harpohe1989
Ironiaby Harpohe1989
Micro Fic de los comienzo de Emma y regina en la historia "El paso del tiempo"
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Fantasy Contests by WattpadContests
Fantasy Contestsby WattpadContests
Where you can find information about all the Fantasy contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.
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Katherine the queen of neverland by Myaparmar
Katherine the queen of neverlandby Mya Parmar
Katherine Swan is the daughter of Snow white and Prince charming and the youngest sister to Emma Swan. When Regina's curse was casted she didn't end up in Storybrooke sh...
30 Tales of Spring by WattpadFairytales
30 Tales of Springby Fairy tales
Once Upon brings you 30 short stories full of spring fever and fairy tales, written by popular and undiscovered authors on Wattpad. Starting March 1st, every day...
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The Grimoire by WattpadFairytales
The Grimoireby Fairy tales
A place for all fairytale-writers and those interested in trying out this certain sub-genre. This book aims to help you with retelling-specific topics from picking names...
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Twisted Disney Villains by PotterG1rl
Twisted Disney Villainsby Luna<3
I got this idea for Halloween and forgot to post it earlier. This is basically a compilation of short stories about the villains of Disney based off their song. *NOTE:...
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Before Sunrise Strikes  |Winner of Once_Upon's Dark Fairytale Contest| by Pennywithaney
Before Sunrise Strikes |Winner of...by Sarah
*A Cinderella Retelling* A young woman in a beautiful blue gown. A prince bored with his birthday ball. All is as it seems. Except for three things. One's a vampire, th...
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For Her Honour by xMishx
For Her Honourby TM Watkins
Welcome to my adventure into writing a short story for the Dragon Princess theme set by @_Once_Upon. If you find the idea of writing to a subject for a competition, make...
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Dragon Heart by AmyLance
Dragon Heartby Amy Lance
Due to a witch's curse a prince must slay a dragon to obtain its heart or else he will die. But after Prince Nicholas slays the dragon, he has more problems than he bar...
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The Grinch Who Stole Me by booklove_
The Grinch Who Stole Meby Apotheosis
On the last day it's warm enough to fly, one girl is not in the sky. She's been taken by a handsome boy with a backstory worse than Batman's. She's not the first one to...
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Once Upon A Time Remake by ADlife563
Once Upon A Time Remakeby AndraMeo Follsom
Characters: Emma Swan, Regina Mills, Henry Mills, Peter Pan, Captain Hook(Killian Jones), Rumplesiltskin, Bambi, Leory(Grumpy), Bashful, Stealthy, Happy, Sneezy, Elsa, A...
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Fair Sacrifice (Editing) by Rondorox
Fair Sacrifice (Editing)by Darling
"Mirror, mirror in my hand. Is this girl the fairest in the land?" The mirror replied "Although she is frail and prettier then few. Her heart is pure and...
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Once Upon by Lynejones
Once Uponby Lynejones
In a faraway land, Camia living in a small village with the same as her as an orphan. She grew up orphaned family but happy at the same time to be with her bestriends wh...
Up To Snow Good  by MagaFrost256
Up To Snow Good by Maga Frost
It's a Winter Wonderland Madness full of mystery and curiosity!!!
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