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No More Illusions (Adopted from GayRainbowBridge) by EAKirkette
No More Illusions (Adopted from E.A.Kirk/ette
Omegaverse AU Soulmate AU While Loki is held prisoner in the glass cell after the attack on New York, Tony spies on the god through the security camera. He notices that...
Short Avengers Stories by MaeStorm
Short Avengers Storiesby MaeStorm
💧 Tony Angst 🕷 Mama Spider 🌈 Trans Peter ♥️ Spideychelle 👥 Peter and Harley Stark 🧣 IronStrange 💠 Super Powered Tony Some plot ideas come from @thatonekidwhowrite...
Steve,Bucky,T'challa loves there lil omega Tones ~♡T'chstuckony ♡~ by Mommyoftonystark
Steve,Bucky,T'challa loves there Jamie Durin
Steve,Bucky, and T'challa are all alphas but in CW they lost there omaga ♡Tony♡. Steve and Bucky couldn't forgive themselves and after T'challa found out the three alpha...
A living lie. by julieaniterra
A living Rabiatul aka Julie
Tony is what u know so called playboy iron man. He holds the stark company ever since he was 13. Many people thought that he was an alpha because of his arrogance behavi...
Rolling For Love by Milenka78
Rolling For Loveby Milenka
Steve Rogers es un alfa y líder de uno de los moto clubs mas grandes de estados unidos Los avengers que siempre estan en conflicto con el moto club de los hijos de la An...
Unclaimed for too long by priestesskiataness
Unclaimed for too longby Priestesskiataness
In a world where Alpha's and Beta's hunt down Omega's...Tony had made it unclaimed for too long till he meets Alpha Steve