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Bored And Crazy by Badonkadonkers
Bored And Crazyby Some guy with some guy with s...
(Y/N) Brando is a vampire that has long lived and participated in countless historical events. One day he thought about his life as he is very bored and tired so he wan...
Oliver Wood Imagines | ✔ by NarcissaMin
Oliver Wood Imagines | ✔by mklsn
-Imagines for Oliver Wood, a severely underrated character- -Started: November 13, 2020- -Finished: May 12,2021- -Status: COMPLETED- [Warning]: Any images here are not m...
The Jilly Files -moments I'd put in a story by K1415100
The Jilly Files -moments I'd put i...by Nightingale on Hiatus
This story includes Jilly head cannons I would put in a story I just made this up in my mind so please don't judge. These characters are not mine they are Jen Calonita's...
Opalescent by DuskCity
Opalescentby DuskCity
At first glance neither of them seem to be destined for each other, but when one person is already in love they'd do anything to try and have that feeling reciprocated...
Fly With Me (a Jonas Brothers adoption story) by Bieberkidrauhl1994
Fly With Me (a Jonas Brothers adop...by Bizzle is bae
Lainey Duncan has been an orphan since she was 4. Now 9, she's starting to lose hope of finding the perfect family for her and her little twin brothers, Rowan and Ollie...
FTRS/RAR One-Shots by DauntlessDemigodA5
FTRS/RAR One-Shotsby c h l o e
A little one-shot book with random stuff about the FTRS/RAR groups. All characters belong to Jen Calonita.
Our Little Poppet by Quiqui1234
Our Little Poppetby Mrs.ExBtNc
2p Face x child reader
Midas x Male! Reader by 0DumbWriter0
Midas x Male! Readerby Iᴍ ᴄᴜʀsᴇᴅ
I have not seen many of these so I decided to make one! (ART ON COVER IS NOT MINE IT WAS FOUND ON GOOGLE!)
Together (Ollie Morgan X Reader) Hollyoaks by eeygaypotato
Together (Ollie Morgan X Reader) H...by yikes
You move to a new village and aren't impressed by first impressions, until you met him. But as your time grows there and something happens to Ollie. Are you there when h...
FTRS Shots and Other Stuff by chuusoo_77
FTRS Shots and Other Stuffby chu(´ω`)
Is it possible for Jocelyn to give Gilly another hair makeover? What does the gang do after the series? Will this all be connected? No, unfortunately, but they're all li...
WHF Fanarts by Pinkamena205
WHF Fanartsby Pinkamena205
I left the whf fandom a year ago and this book will be completed but maybe someday i'll make another one of whf fanarts book if you like :)
ollie x adventure by OlIieGarden
ollie x adventureby OlIieGarden
Dr. Fire by zeigdich0309
Dr. Fireby ZeigDich
I'm not good at descriptions, just read it if you want. PS This is for 18+ as it gets...
Girl Online// D.J.D & N.T.B by asmakhan081
Girl Online// D.J.D & N.T.Bby Dixie
DIXIE HAS A SECRET. Under the Girl Online, Dixie blogs her hidden feelings about friendship, boys, high school drama, her quirky family, and the panic attacks that began...
Skye's Greatest Adventures by ALJ0017
Skye's Greatest Adventuresby Skye Fan
Please don't judge my writing I'm only 13 years! Anyway Skye is now turning 18 which means she isn't longer too young to join the Agency which was one of wishes that nev...
Let's Get Ugly! [The Wanted Fanfic] by AmyLeighSykes
Let's Get Ugly! [The Wanted Fanfic]by Amy Leigh Sykes
This is a story about a girl called Amy, her brother(Tom) gets into a new boy band called 'The Wanted', our step dad, Paul, isn't very nice to her, so Amy runs away to...
Power Rangers Dino Fury: Yellow Ranger by EmilyCuevas392
Power Rangers Dino Fury: Yellow Ra...by Emily Cuevas
Ella Jones is Amelia's sister. She is on English Literature major and Creative Writing Minor at Pine Ridge. She is on the internship at BuzzBlast where her sister works...
You (Midas x reader) by im_tnt_
You (Midas x reader)by YourAss.net
{{Almost completed}} y/n was living her day normally, wait.....REPHRASE her life was a NIGHTMARE But wearing a mask makes it good yea? She loved to play fortnite and al...
We Happy Few boyfriend/girlfriend scenarios by Miss_Scrub
We Happy Few boyfriend/girlfriend...by Miss_Scrub
No one asked for this but here. Take it. (I don't own any of the videos/photos in this book)