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Pleasure > Innocence 18+ by LaBeachBabe02
Pleasure > Innocence 18+by LaBeachBabe
With sex appeal, and an over protective brother, what could go wrong? Veronica wants fun! Then comes along Ashton... Her brothers sexy, horny friend.. Can she trust the...
Off limits by maheraxx
Off limitsby maheraxx
You all know that one girl you cant date. She either is already taken or is your best friends little sister. In this case its your coachs daughter. One word about her...
Walls of Fire by Kiwi_McLean
Walls of Fireby Kiwi McLean
An American wife from Boston abandons her love for her treacherous husband the very next day after their first anniversary because of the charge of breaking wedding vows...
Red's Room by Lady_Melons
Red's Roomby MELONA
Redina Phenelope Matias are in doomed! She slept with her bestfriend ex-husband. The problem is they made a promise that if that is your friends boy your not allowed to...
"My best friend's brother" by jasmineisasimp
"My best friend's brother"by jasmineisasimp
You would think that being best friends means there brother is off limits but here that's not the case.
Off Limits ✔︎ by yakmfdes
Off Limits ✔︎by des<3
Alexis Walker is your somewhat normal 17-year-old girl. She's shy but knows how to stand up for herself and people she cares about. Alexis and Asher aren't exactly norma...
Off limits... by itsmeayyyy
Off itsmeayyyy
Jordan was a rich businessman , but also the leader of one of the most feared mafias. He wasn't only that, he also was one of HER dads closest friends. What happens when...
Off Limits | Unpublished & Rewriting by aliciamar1e
Off Limits | Unpublished & alicia marie
PLEASE READ: If you are a new reader, or someone who is rereading this, you will notice that this book no longer has any chapters. That is because I have unpublished the...
From The Heart by heidi_cohens
From The Heartby HEIDI
She didn't choose him, her heart did. Sofia is a senior in high school trying to have the best year she can. She didn't plan to fall in love, especially with someone wh...
Face The Music/ A Jordan Knight FanFic  by BerryR36
Face The Music/ A Jordan Knight Ruby Berry
When my manager pushes me into starring on a new celebrity dating show, I think she's crazy. Then she shows me the bottom line. Between the money and the exposure for my...
My Bestfriends Boyfriend by JenJen_Reads
My Bestfriends Boyfriendby Jen
Amara Clark is your usual carefree teenage girl. Perfect grades, perfect life. Well aside from ending her year and a half long relationship and losing her father at a yo...
Off limits by jarmilloalezea
Off limitsby alezea
"Eric I don't...we can't"I whisper silently pinned against the wall. He backs up . "Hell we cant."He says dramatically throwing up is hand in the air...
My Wonderwall by jojoiswriting_
My Wonderwallby jojoiswriting_
Josie and her friends set out to find their formal dates in an already impossible situation when things start to go very wrong... or very right...? She finds herself wit...
Off Limits by BlueMoon-26
Off Limitsby Blue Moon
Maya Jones got the short end of the stick, she was twins with the schools most popular guy, Blake Jones. Their worlds were seemingly connected yet polar opposite. Liam H...
Love Without Restrictions by xHarmoniousx
Love Without Restrictionsby Shekinah Shayne
Restriction is just the synonym of limitation, right? I just realized I learned how to love without restrictions. I mean without the fear of being judged by the society...
After You by lilteenagerebellion
After Youby lilteenagerebellion
7 years ago Madelyns life changed in the snap of a finger. Her parents were killed in a car crash and she and her brothers were left all alone in the world. They were sh...
•OFF LIMITS• by g0ldenroses
He's my dad's best friend and so off limits. To be honest I can't help myself and neither can he. •°•°•°•°•°•°•°• Off limits-adj Out of bounds •°•°•°•°•°•°•°• Brisa's d...
Brother's Bestfriend by MelCajigas
Brother's Bestfriendby Mel Cajigas
A story about how Edwin's sister alisa honoret move's to L.A to live with him and his friends, The laughs the group shared and the passion she felt for the boys soon lea...