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𝐻𝑒𝑙𝑝𝑝𝑝 by imphattttt
𝐻𝑒𝑙𝑝𝑝𝑝by imphattttt
A 21 year old named ceyoncae stays in Michigan with her abusive boyfriend in the hood. He is 29 years old and beats her on a daily .They used to be happyily In love or s...
Let's Play Perfect by Cinamoncookiedough
Let's Play Perfectby Cinamoncookiedough
They were that perfect couple. you know that one couple that seems so happy with eachother. The couple in which you can actually see love sprouting from their hearts. Th...
Mindful: A collection of poems by madelyn-claire
Mindful: A collection of poemsby Madelyn
A collection of poems just based on my life and how I'm feeling or sometimes just based on fantasy ❤️
Boys of the Streets by Alexander4thewin
Boys of the Streetsby Alexander4thewin
Daniel has some serious problems at home. His mother has been gone for as ling as he can remember so now it is just him, his father, and his step brother. Watch as he fi...
Longevity: The Wardens Of Time by CalebSmith052
Longevity: The Wardens Of Timeby Caleb Smith
Noah Thomas is a scrawny seventh grader who is bullied to the brink in his new town. Friendless, except for sassy tomboy Wendy Sherman, who seems to lend him the confide...
Being in the dark by EmGaldamez200456
Being in the darkby Niko stories
A girl lives with her mother and 3 brothers. She is starting high school in a new state and doesn't know who she is from the inside. She meets friends to help guide her...
Alpha Female by bookwormzunite
Alpha Femaleby Phoenix
*couldn't get my tablet to get a good pic lol, also any and every pic is not mine to claim I got it off of Pinterest as you can tell lol. I praise whoever drew these pi...
Our Love Is Stronger Then There Words by deadwinter5sos
Our Love Is Stronger Then There Wo...by Jen Smith
When we first meet we didn't like each other. We hated each other. My roommate Luke thinks it would be great for me and Harry to share a room together until he got back...