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Donald Trump is a loser and he should know it. FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY
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Band Trash yay by ShesAKilljoyQueen
Band Trash yayby neurotic to the bone
I like bands and music, yet am not knowledgeable enough in it to be a "music nerd." Instead I will fangirl, woot woot P.S. I will probably use this to rant abo...
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The Truth by sonicsyouth
The Truthby ! brissy !
they're trying to hide stuff!
Papeles  by maribelandradee
Papeles by Maribel
Here's a poem describing the immigrant struggle specifically of the perspective of a Spanish speaking illegal immigrant living in America. For me this topic is very impo...
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land of the free by egdeofreality
land of the freeby egdeofreality
hi guys I'm Ella and every week or so I will be posting about our goodish USA warning it could be offensive to some people I am liberal #waterislife #imwithher #notmypre...
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America The... Not So Beautiful by ankipras18
America The... Not So Beautifulby ankipras18
Written in January 2018.
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wacky adventures of people i despise by slavebeater69
wacky adventures of people i ernest dickens
i hope you all get forcefully sterilized
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Election Day: The Day That Changed My Life by Thiago_Pinho
Election Day: The Day That Thiago_Pinho
My life during and after the Election of 2016. #truestory
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The Day I Died by kaVya-
The Day I Diedby kaVya-
This is the story of how I died
Tiki by K-E-Z-A
Tikiby K-E-Z-A
charlottesville. | august 2017. | history is just a cycle of hatred taught from one generation to the next. | this poem is inspired by what has been seen on your televis...
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Oml by Get_Off_My_Account
Omlby Get_Off_My_Account
You already know
Growing Up Blue by megan_miller20
Growing Up Blueby Meg
I explain what it feels like to live as a democrat in a republican conservative town.
<<lyrics  by killa_sweetie
<<lyrics by +
<<guess the song dodo -none of the songs or photos are mine.
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The Journal of a Bug's Life Fan by TheeHipHelm
The Journal of a Bug's Life Fanby TheeHipHelm
This is a story about the time I survived the holocaust..... OF ANTZ! Journey with me as I watch the most abhorrent piece of animated films.
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lmao me. by gothisms
lmao bri
read it pls..
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black spider-man ( misc+rant book )  by atribecalledmess
black spider-man ( misc+rant supaflicious 90s
the thoughts of a woke teenage girl about politics, current topics, social issues, +
What It Means To Be a Woman by rinastea
What It Means To Be a Womanby Katrina
In response to being categorized as a "nasty woman."
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Why Orange Shouldn't Be President (aka Trump) by NataliaWrobel2
Why Orange Shouldn't Be #NotMyPresident
This is a terrifying story. Probably the worst and most terrifying story you will ever hear. This is the story of it-who-shall-not-be-named. You shall call it not him i...
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