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A Heavy Rain fanfiction  by len_ken
A Heavy Rain fanfiction by len_ken
After Jayden died, his glasses were given to Carter Blake. Then weird things start appearing. And after that Carter Blake decided to continue the search of the Origami K...
Jars Oneshots by Detective4Life
Jars Oneshotsby 🥺
Oneshot of Norman Jayden and Ethan Mars. Spoilers for the game inside, none extremely huge. Just different route spoilers, no ending ones or the twist one. Angst and flu...
Close To Me - Norman Jayden x OC, WIP by CosmicRhythm
Close To Me - Norman Jayden x Cosmic
For my archives as I add more detail to it, but enjoy! Can easily be replaced with reader insert. Thumbnail does not belong to me~
He is Innocent (SLOW UPDATES) by Detective4Life
He is Innocent (SLOW UPDATES)by 🥺
AU where Norman plays the role Madison did (sorta patching Ethan up), but is still an FBI agent with the problems he normally has, just undercover. (Will contain spoiler...
Norman Jayden X Reader by Toniesstuff
Norman Jayden X Readerby tonie kun
A little story inspired from heavy rain to enlighten the mood from the main story, explore and take note to a new surrounding's and view upon heavy rain. Have an adventu...
blackout ! mbs. by heavyrained
blackout ! 🌫 / 𝑬𝑻𝑯𝑨𝑵 !
" despite your best efforts , people are going to be hurt when it's time for them to be hurt. "
Only We Need To Know | Heavy Rain (On Longterm Hold) by Its_Simply_Bri
Only We Need To Know | Heavy B.C Campbell
Elara Mars, younger sister of Ethan Mars, is not only a local detective, but also, the working partner of Lieutenant Carter Blake. Enter Agent Norman Jayden, the man se...
Dead? Perhaps, I am! by LestrangeTheWolf
Dead? Perhaps, I am!by Elliott
FBI Norman Jadyen was on the case of the origami killer and he solved it, teaming up with Madison Paige and Ethan Mars to save his son, Shaun Mars, but was declared dead...
Dancing In The Mirror, Singing In The Shower Norman Jayden X Reader by AphroditeLawliet87
Dancing In The Mirror, Singing AphroditeLawliet
ARI COMMENT: Norman Jayden, an FBI who is forced to work with (Y/N), an agent trainee. Battling together to undercover the infamous Origami Killer.
His Bliss by Detective4Life
His Blissby 🥺
Norman Jayden was comfort to Ethan Mars. Ethan Mars was stability to Norman Jayden. One night turned into many. But were all those nights just comfort and stability or...
Origami Hearts by OTPArmada
Origami Heartsby Space Phoenix
A drabble using analogies that combine Heavy Rain and The Evil Within. Implied ship/crossover of Norman Jayden and Joseph Oda. I have legitimate feels over these two; I'...
Vorfreude by Detective4Life
Vorfreudeby 🥺
Norman Jayden, the once world famous FBI agent reduced to advising the police and doing other private investigator work. The worst part of it all was dealing with Lieute...
99¢ Dreams by Aesthetic_Killer
99¢ Dreamsby Aesthetically Killer
Y/N has always wished to be someone who worked with animals. Though she never thought she would be working with the K-9 units. With the Origami killer still at large. Th...
more and more difficult... by officialgeek734
more and more ~ Crooked Hand ~
in which jayden distances himself from the only person who seems to care. "jayden, im trying to help you," "i don't need your help, ethan."
Blurry by Detective4Life
Blurryby 🥺
The phone rang, it was almost two in the morning. It took a while for Ethan to find it, finally answering with a groggy "hello?". He thought it'd be Grace, or...