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Invincible to Rape [✓] by jimmychoos
Invincible to Rape [✓]by 𝓾𝓷𝓪
Everyone knows that if you are a male, you are invincible to rape. [ june 11, 2016- #1 in short story ]
11 Reasons Why #JustWriteIt  by OreoGirl16
11 Reasons Why #JustWriteIt by Z
"Convince me to live, Somers," I stated. "And if I can't?" He asked, the confidence from earlier on absent from his voice. "Then I take that...
Bully my bully •Sonadow• [Discontinued aNd oLd eW] by Saphina_Fire
Bully my bully •Sonadow• [ Saphina
Sonic gets bullied by the new kid but few years later he gets friends that bully the new kid. But Sonic doesnt seem happy about it all. And more and more years come and...
Septiplier smut/ oneshot by NekoChan785
Septiplier smut/ oneshotby Neko Chan
heheheh A LOT OF SMUT! Don't read if you don't like gay stuff. But if you do your in the right place. ⊙﹏⊙
Finding Me by CGirlyGirl
Finding Meby CGirlyGirl
Maya Walker is misunderstood. People judge her quickly and usually end up hating what they see. They don't take the time to see that she's smart and in need of hope and...
The Ugly Problem by Star_Libra
The Ugly Problemby ~ 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚛 ~
This story is about bullying. But the topic is about misshapen and bruised fruits being thrown away because of its looks. A misshapen strawberry named Rosie gets bullied...
Crooked (boyxboy) by TheWriterD
Crooked (boyxboy)by Dorin Davis
Reached number 2 on #nobullying *** Harry Whittemore used to be on the swim team. He used to be friends with Rodney Reid, the most popular guy at school. He used to be p...
The Good Girl's Bad Boys Fanfic by CATS8800
The Good Girl's Bad Boys Fanficby TayTay Goes YayYay
"It's simple," Jordan says, grabbing a chip off of Delcan's tray. Delcan glares at him, but he doesn't seem to notice. "We'll be your bad boys and you'll...
Its KARMA BITCHES! by Unknown_jxd
Its KARMA BITCHES!by anonymous_jxd
Karma-kylie Emma McCoy- The ugliest girl who doesn't keep up her hygiene gets bullied by everyone even by other nerds who are really nothing but weak wussys. The main bu...
Mushroom High School by SaltyNuts
Mushroom High Schoolby why is this my name
With popularity, there's a price to pay. We all desire power; whether it's the ability to perform something or act in a particular fashion, or the capacity to direct or...
The beast inside ( villain deku au ) by Drarryshipper205
The beast inside ( villain deku X_I SIMP-TOO-MUCH_X
What happens when Izuku does have a quirk but it's not what you expect.Dekus quirk is dangerous and what people would call a 'villains quirk' so he keeps it a secret pre...
Dear Victim #Wattys2016 by MIEKExxxxxxxx
Dear Victim #Wattys2016by Mieke!
Once in a blue moon, the bully isn't just a cruel human. Once in a blue moon, the bully changes. Follow this story from the bully's point of view. Follow this bully as...
Comebacks| ✔️ by HD_cutie
Comebacks| ✔️by HD_cutie
A list of comebacks Completed.
Great Books You Should Definitely Read. by The_Boop_Community
Great Books You Should ˚₊ ♡ ੈ•The Boop Community!• ੈ...
These are some books that are really good. If you want your book to mentioned then PM us and we will put it up!
Yeah, they're Haters by adriana_azevedo
Yeah, they're Hatersby Adriana
So this book is gonna be about how I deal with some haters on Wattpad and the ones in real life, which are worse. This will also include tips on how to deal with bullies...
Good Girl  by mrs-lowkey
Good Girl by mrs-lowkey
"Come on you know you want why not do it for a while if it doesn't not work out we can stop" he said. I look at him dumbfounded " your as...
Prom Queen by enigma_bx
Prom Queenby -graeae
"I was there for you. I was fucking there for you and you left me." •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• This isn't the cliche good girl falls...
Elysian by TheCreepsis
Elysianby The Creeps
"You really like her, don't you?" "Trust me, I never meant to..." * * * * * * * * * * * * Looking at him was like look...
THE BIOS. by Papi Lucifer