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Stuck With You (Niam)  by AGLovesLiam
Stuck With You (Niam) by Lima Bean
Niall is a happy 16 year old child, living his life normally in London. He's a Junior in High School. One day, he's walking through the tube station with his friends Lou...
A Present From Niam (Niam BoyxBoy Threesome Smut) by FanNiamFiction
A Present From Niam (Niam FanNiamFiction
Liam and Niall meet a gay fan and have a present for him in Niall's hotel room to show how much they appreciate him being a fan.
Oh No Niall |Niam Horayne| BoyxBoy by 18IsALarrySong
Oh No Niall |Niam Horayne| BoyxBoyby Grace.
A story about Liam always having to help Niall out in which Niall does bad things on purpose just to see his crush. Yet Niall dense having any feelings for him and sees...
"There's This Guy." by camila__1019
"There's This Guy."by 𝙘𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙖 <3
Liam is your ordinary high-school jock in his Sophomore year. His dad passed away when he was 14 and he now lives with his mother, Karen, and his little brother Michael...
Little Nialler (Niam BoyxBoy Smut) by FanNiamFiction
Little Nialler (Niam BoyxBoy Smut)by FanNiamFiction
Niall's feeling homesick, but he's Liam's 'Little Nialler' and Liam knows just how to cheer him up. They have to be quiet though because they're on the tour bus with the...
Sad Blue Eyes |Niam Horayne| BoyxBoy by 18IsALarrySong
Sad Blue Eyes |Niam Horayne| Grace.
Niall is a depressed guy and Liam just wants to fix him
Kik (Larry Stylinson) by PhanxLarry
Kik (Larry Stylinson)by PhanxLarry
In which, with lots of humor and the entire story set in Kik format; Niall lowkey sets up his best friend Louis, who is currently attempting to deny his obvious sexualit...
~|Images|~|Niam|~ by 18IsALarrySong
~|Images|~|Niam|~by Grace.
my favorite niam images (: