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Mistaken for a baby by ElizabethPenLove
Mistaken for a babyby Elizabeth Pen Love
Lacey an eighteen year old girl has always been small and childlike in the way she looks. With her height four foot two and weight of forty pounds people often mistake h...
11:30 by SammyDAdams
11:30by ~D~
The final Wattpad book. This is a short epilogue to the Dominant Doctor Series and ending for those of you who can't buy them.
The New Girl and the Popular Boy (Completed) by Soccerlife24
The New Girl and the Popular Boy ( Soccerlife24
When Ava Grace and her family moves to Hawaii Ava needs to make new friends again. But when she gets to school she bumps into Zac, the most popular boy in her grade and...
~The Boy Next Door~ Eli Moskowitz x female oc by ElisLipScar_
~The Boy Next Door~ Eli Mrs Moskowitz
You just moved into a neighborhood, in a place that's completely new to you. You quickly develop a crush on the boy next door. Y/n = you. All characters as themselves! I...
Forbidden Love  A Josh Richards story  * Completed*  by Zul4ik4999
Forbidden Love A Josh Richards Sway/hype stories
Your brother has forbidden you to fall for any of his friends and you promised him thinking he was acting stupidly but when 2 worlds collide will you have to break that...
I would never fall in love again until I found her by HeartsforManic
I would never fall in love again Gray💗
Shadow has moved to a new city. It is very difficult for him to make new friends. He meets a girl name Y/N, who is a straight A student and always gets boys, including s...
Cheaper by the Baker's Dozen by AlessaAuditore
Cheaper by the Baker's Dozenby AlessaAuditore
Cassandra Baker is one of thirteen children in the Baker family. She is responsible and often depended upon by her parents to look after her siblings. Her love of dance...
The Twats by Unamused-C
The Twatsby Unamused-C
What I imagine would happen if me and my friends moved in together. Warning its pure chaos.
I'll never leave her G.D by Mimi_paige
I'll never leave her G.Dby Madeline
This is my first story. Aria is a single teen mother of a beautiful seven month old baby girl, Olivia. What will happen when she meets a handsome man in the grocery stor...
Ghost Of Pastarago by ButternutWolf
Ghost Of Pastaragoby ButternutWolf
Kaia and Violet were two sisters who moved to Vermont. Little did they know, they are not the only ones living in their house.
◇The Neighbor◇ by incubo_z
◇The Neighbor◇by Typing ...
Хоосон цээж минь бүлээцэж, сүнсэн бие минь дулаацаж байна.
Tom Holland~ love story  by katielloyd453
Tom Holland~ love story by 1996_Tom_Holland_fan
You and your best friend, met Tom Holland and Louis partridge at a meet and greet . You and Tom hit it off very well... and things lead to become serious between you too...
Supernatural Town |✔️| by hurricanehell
Supernatural Town |✔️|by hi <3
Sabrina is forced to go back to her dad's house after her mother dies, but her dad left when she was six years old. Now seventeen, Sabrina doesn't know how to connect wi...
The Ghosts of Highwater  by MJAdams_23
The Ghosts of Highwater by MJ
Everyone said there were ghosts. The people in town believed it but the new comers were harder to convince. When asked, the locals will most likely say that the populati...
Something feels Paranormal || WinTeam || B×B by Brocoli_bl
Something feels Paranormal || Just another BL fan
Win and Team move into their new house in a new city. Leaving their families and past behind, they want to start their life afresh in their new home together. Win found...
J'aime toi frère by crsntmoon_
J'aime toi frèreby Selene
This story is talks about the woman who lose her grandmother. Her name is Reva Wind Lily. She has no friends in her whole life. She didn't do friend's. Sapat na sakanya...
Meet Me After Sundown by Katicakelover
Meet Me After Sundownby Kat Izzy
There he was. On the corner of the rooftop stood a mysterious figure. He was tall, a trait you lacked when it came to genetics. His eyes sparkled a deep blue even in the...
Heart of Gold (Cody Burns x reader)  by Dravenfact
Heart of Gold (Cody Burns x TheMadOne
Moving to a new town is hard for a 14 years old (Y/n). It was the last thing she wanted. It wasn't the school, or the town that scared her, it was making new friends. Sh...