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My Unordinary Academia by PainfulMelody
My Unordinary Academiaby
John Doe, former King of Wellston and was known and feared as Joker, was suddenly transported into the world of Boku no hero academia. How will John handle this new wor...
Draikan: The World of Dragons by sweet_Buttercup17
Draikan: The World of Dragonsby sweet_Buttercup17
"Women are sacred. And because they are so, men fight over them. Only the strongest are worthy to mate with." ~***~ Kaida Woods, a modern day woman, had someho...
GORDO (The new world) by Iris-Luna98
GORDO (The new world)by Ivana Vanessa Jameson
Beneath the surface is a world underwater with more than four thousand people trapped for more than a hundred years now. Ever since the red virus hit the earth, the grou...
Reincarnated as the Villain? by Sweetiecitrus
Reincarnated as the Villain?by Sweetiecitrus
Edward Jones was a pretty average guy he ran a fairly popular bakery and had a love of otome games but other than that he was completely average then one day after savi...
This Is Our Reincarnated And Twisted Lives by LazyLady_MVN
This Is Our Reincarnated And UnknownSleepingLady
Zia was reborn in a new world. Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Teenfiction/ Zia, a 22 years old woman in the world called earth found out that her Bestfriend Kim and her Boyfrie...
City of Few (Seven Deadly Sins x Reader)  by FaithChirdon1859
City of Few (Seven Deadly Sins x Superhero1859
You grew up in a world that everyone forgot existed, it's located in the middle of the ocean, the place is both above and under the water. The people who live there have...
The Nerd and the Bad boy(UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITING) by burself
The Nerd and the Bad boy( Archie
Mia Swift is a socially awkward nerd who's never kissed a guy or let alone done anything adventurous in her entire life. That it until she met the notorious bad boy, Jas...
A God Amongst Men by Shi_Kira
A God Amongst Menby Shi_Kira
When Naruto found himself in a new world after his death, he thought he had been given a second chance to live, but not everything is as it appears. However, Naruto isn'...
The Assistant of God... or Something Along Those Lines by dragonsam656
The Assistant of God... or Sam656
What might happen if a higher being, like a god, for instance, were to kill someone? It seems he/she seize to exist, erasing all memories and traces that prove he/she ev...
Saving The Pirate (Book Two) by LeiaV123
Saving The Pirate (Book Two)by LeiaV123
Book two of *'The Pirate'* series Anne has been on an adventure and is about to start another when Christopher gets a letter from his daunting father in Scotland, inviti...
Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint by Rhaeeee
Omniscient Reader's Viewpointby Uriel
Only I know the end of this world. One day our MC finds himself stuck in the world of his favorite webnovel. What does he do to survive? It is a world struck by catastro...
Crystal Sully: Avatar Story by BiancaEvans2
Crystal Sully: Avatar Storyby LegolasG5*
Crystal was born in the year 2141, she was four years old when her father Tom Sully started his Avatar training. They spoke nothing but Na'vi at home and he'd read her t...
The Fence by mrmcafee
The Fenceby Maddie 马康連
Reached #11 in Scifi! 18-year-old Kirbena Marcus' city is surrounded by an iron barb fence that keeps out the aliens that had taken over the world years earlier. Ever si...
Doomed? by Doom_Slayer
Doomed?by Doom Slayer
The Doom Slayer's portal malfunctions teleporting him to a whole new world, while Vega works with Samuel to help find a way to get the teleporter to to work, Doom Slaye...
Two Worlds Collide (Doom X Marvel Rising Story) by ReaperTheDeadly
Two Worlds Collide (Doom X ReaperTheDeadly
What happens to the Slayer when he realizes that everything is different for him? What happens when the world he's transported to isn't his own world? Will everything st...
Nyx (Ongoing) by emeraldrainbow
Nyx (Ongoing)by Sarah Brockmeier
Beth Fields had known since high school that she was going to sign up for the New Hope colonization program. The daring and mystery of a voyage through space were calli...
Gaminx: Reincarnated to a new world ( Male Reader X Goddesses And Girls ) by Creeper_Corporation
Gaminx: Reincarnated to a new Krystal 『©』
Highest: #60 in Fantasy, #7 in Harem, #1 in Xmalereader You are a man who was a fan of eastern animation, books like light novels, and movies or video games. These are t...
Wishes | ✔️ by Lauren_Chow
Wishes | ✔️by Lauren Chow
[SLOWLY RE-EDITING: May be name confusion or plot holes] HIGHEST RANK: #48 in Adventure (4/19/17) A girl with a heart of gold, beauty, and grace. Not to mention a drago...
Grand Line High School by JoshuaHyuuga
Grand Line High Schoolby Joshua Ja
Hey guys! This is My first Onepiece fanfic. Well, I've been thinking of this fic for a long time and I think it's pretty cool so I decided to start to write it. Here're...
Barrier Alice by MsAi99
Barrier Aliceby MsAi99
Granted another life in another world - Gakuen Alice. Granted another chance to protect her siblings. Once again, taking up the mantle of the hidden mastermind, she star...