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Car Thieves by EveryNextDream
Car Thievesby Tanya
In the world of the immune, survival is taken, not given. The year 2027. Edinburgh, Scotland. Disease has swept a deadly path through society. A nightlife mogul with a v...
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Heavy Frequency [Updates Tue + Fri] by EveryNextDream
Heavy Frequency [Updates Tue + Fri]by Tanya
A black-market trader in a futuristic metropolis confronts her own past to discover a mysterious fugitive's true identity. When Aria Day is tasked with rescuing an enigm...
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Influence by amberkbryant
Influenceby Amber K Bryant
WINNER OF WATTPAD STUDIO'S PITCH-TO-OPTION CONTEST!!! Millions believe she's a murderer. One man believes she's innocent. The Internet would see her hang for a crime she...
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Ceanothus 2722 [DRAFT 2] by LPGearon
Ceanothus 2722 [DRAFT 2]by Gear on, baby.
After the government-planned assassination of a terrorist goes awry, the executioner, Ian Corchel, finds himself in the middle of a covert war between a foreign rebellio...
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Hadley is the typical girl-next-door who loves her best friend from the bottom of her heart and would do anything for her - or at least that's what she appears to be if...
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The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes  by Young1_01
The memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Apomímisi
I decided to post this because I thought somebody would want to read it but can't so hear you go I just copied online so all the credits to them
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The Mind Expander by ShannonMoone
The Mind Expanderby Shannon Moone
One man has transcended the stoner trope to become the hero we need in these trying times. He sees through space and time. He yearns for salty snacks. He often misplaces...
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Subterran by ReyburnFiction
Subterranby Corin Reyburn
In a subterranean colony called Generik beneath Antarctic ice, Jonah, a bioenhanced technosexual--hip, stunning, and upgraded to his max allocated pleasure capacity--has...
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The Soul Collectors by yumeryuu
The Soul Collectorsby J.M. Sato
Silas Meier sold his soul to the Devil in a Contract of employment that has lasted over thirty four years. Becoming a Soul Collector for Lucifer and chained to his ghos...
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Time With You (Nanwoo Fanfiction) by natsuron16
Time With You (Nanwoo Fanfiction)by Jack Nativity
Nancy Mcdonie is a entrepreneur, Real Estate agent and investor. When she finished her Highschool, she didn't take a college because for her collage is useless but she s...
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Alea Jacta Est by heliostellar
Alea Jacta Estby heliostellar
Clairvoyance dari sudut pandang lain. Mark wants his freedom. But maybe so does other people. Mark is cold. Maybe the coldest he has ever been when he make his decision...
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A Sweet Melody: A Harris and Richards Case by DarkFantasy1996
A Sweet Melody: A Harris and DarkFantasy1996
Ben Jacobs has had a trying life. His mother passed away and his father has a new lover, until the day that his father and his mistress die in a tragic fire. Now Ben is...
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Don't Hate Da Playa by SwellOwlStories
Don't Hate Da Playaby Swell Owl Stories
After a hit-and-run occurs outside of his favorite bar, Retired Detective turned Private Eye Josh Slim is asked by the owner to find out the details of the employee's de...
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The Magician's Trick by Peleboy
The Magician's Trickby Peleboy
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Bulletproof (Tzukook Fanfiction) by natsuron16
Bulletproof (Tzukook Fanfiction)by Jack Nativity
Hanz Hoffmann or also know as Jungkook was former Delta Force Captain, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Broker, and Businessman. After 2nd Korean War was ended he was discharge...
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Enigma by TheAgent88
Enigmaby Expendable Asset
Highest Rank: #115 in Science Fiction Book 1 of the Enigma series *** In 1984, an unidentified flying object crashed in the city of Las Vegas. Only a few people in the c...
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The City Sleeps At Dawn by SamGamble5
The City Sleeps At Dawnby Sam Gamble
A collection of noir-style short stories. In a city where crime rules the streets, this collection offers a glimpse into a few of their lives. In a few unrelated events...
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Outlaw Blues by raccoonscrubs
Outlaw Bluesby raccoonscrubs
In the distant future, there are no boundaries left. The only laws are money and power. crime bosses of major cities and systems all scrawl for power like rats and when...
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Something More Than Shadows by pauldp1994
Something More Than Shadowsby Paul Phillips
Aurora Bayfield, the adopted daughter of the mayor, has always wanted to take her love of detection beyond the realm of fiction. She gets that chance with the help of Jo...
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Melancholy City by XXDreary
Melancholy Cityby Caden C
An expressive poem about a melancholy city.
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