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Midnight City (Entry to Watty 2012) by superpfromearth
Midnight City (Entry to Watty 2012)by Paul Gumagay
A 17 year-old boy, after being shattered by his family's death, discovers life is more than meets the eye.
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Afterlight by clockygirl
Afterlightby clockygirl
“We are not heroes, Annalise.” He grit his teeth and balled his hands into fists. “There are no such thing as heroes here. No good guys. Everyone is a bad guy, everyone...
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Two Harlequins by KikoJr13
Two Harlequinsby Dennis Flores
Two years building a new life, Alejandro de la Reño faces a new tragedy. A close friend has disappeared and is found dead four days after, hidden behind the university c...
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Red Planet, Blue Blood by CassidySavidi
Red Planet, Blue Bloodby Cassidy Savidi
Anderson is a private investigator on the hard, bleak planet of Mars. When synthetic humans start turning on their masters, Anderson has to figure out why and how. His j...
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The Edge of Fate by FearIsASuperPower
The Edge of Fateby FearIsASuperPower
At the edge of fate in the heart of Manhattan, two lovers paths cross in a flowering start of something more than desire and their innocence is soon discovered to be all...