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Beyond The Smile by wallflower489
Beyond The Smileby wallflower489
"I think I met someone who genuinely cares about me. I don't know why, but I don't plan on questioning it." ~~~~~ I learned at a young age that no one would ac...
A Thug's Love Never Dies[CURRENTLY EDITING] by Miss_Hoodnificent
A Thug's Love Never Dies[ Miss G
This is the sequel to "A Thug's Only Love" Enjoy the twists n' turns, ups n' downs, break ups n' make ups, cheating n' loyalty, Lexis and Nelle face along wit...
A Thug's True Love [UNEDITED] by Miss_Hoodnificent
A Thug's True Love [UNEDITED]by Miss G
This is the 3rd book in my little Thug series. See how the gangs life changes when the years go by and their own children are now old enough to understand the gang life...
𝚂𝚘𝚏𝚝 𝚂𝚙𝚘𝚝, matt sturniolo  by IaMaNiDiOtloserrr
𝚂𝚘𝚏𝚝 𝚂𝚙𝚘𝚝, matt sturniolo by IaMaNiDiOtloserrr
"you've hit my soft spot." IN WHICH matt always hated nelle but nelle didn't always hate matt. she fell first, he feel harder.
Girl Named Red by nelle_novels
Girl Named Redby nelle
Scarlett Dawson is the daughter of the leader of the Scar Mafia Organization or known as SMO. In this story you will read how Scarlett/ Red seeks revenge for her dead mo...
Love In trouble (SlowUpdate) by TYUZU_JUNGKOOK
Love In trouble (SlowUpdate)by N A K I E💗
Isa tong storya tungkol sa campus king and queen at campus princess and prince💚🍒 Sana magustuhan nyu toh*/💚💐
The World Changed Because of Her by You_Me_1D
The World Changed Because of Herby You_Me_1D
One Direction was the reason she went on the X Factor. She knew she had a good voice and that One Direction would perform on the show so why wouldn't she audition? He...
So much pain durin love by aw3s0m3101
So much pain durin loveby aw3s0m3101
It's about 5 girls that go through a lot of pain during their love time
Hate&love by CharnelleCleve
Hate&loveby CharnelleCleve
oneday a teenager girl moved from Georgia to new jersey she had to leave all her friends n her boyfriend
Slender Is Here by Nelle2208
Slender Is Hereby Nelle2208
Slender Man Story / get ready to get scared
Støp Wåtch by DanyolPadillia
Støp Wåtchby FreshPoosay
Scenarios sa band future
Fake World ▶RPW ↺(edited) by TYUZU_JUNGKOOK
Fake World ▶RPW ↺(edited)by N A K I E💗
"RPW- no one was true, everyone was fake. So don't expect to much" -That's my motto when i've entered rpw but it's change when i met you.
Clēmentia | On Hold by softlambs
Clēmentia | On Holdby Eli Morison
Clēmentia clemency; mercy; humanity; gentleness #13 - delicate #11 - nelle #33 - fragile ・┈┈┈ ┈・┈ ┈┈┈・ Prunille Aldridge a soft spoken girl who always wants to help...
Pool Party Mash Up by aw3s0m3101
Pool Party Mash Upby aw3s0m3101
This story is about the 6 pre-teens tht argue with these 2 girls that think they are all that.
How To Spell Love (Discontinued) by georgie-oso
How To Spell Love (Discontinued)by Georgie
"Roar." My head whipped back like he had smacked me. "Did... did you just 'roar' at me." A look of embarrassment crossed his features quickly, but I...
Affliction. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by crybabystears
Affliction. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)by itsmebitches
"go to hell gilinsky." "does that mean you'll be with me?"