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The Way We Used To Be [Another Negan fan fic] [completed] by Bridget0001
The Way We Used To Be [Another Bridget Hammond
"You belong with me, you always have." "You're a monster." "I'm your husband. I'm more to you than they ever will be." ain't no doubt Neg...
[saviour ➼ negan] by seventiesnicks
[saviour ➼ negan]by ✨🌟✨
"little girl, stop waiting for someone to come rescue you. ...
Last One Fighting ~ Negan Fanfic by ssjmsjm
Last One Fighting ~ Negan Fanficby SJM
Trust No One, Keep Moving, Stay Alive With all her family gone it's up to Jo to protect her younger sister. When she meets a man named Phillip she learns the hard way it...
His prey .[Negan] Cover Done By @bes135 by AbigailHunt2
His prey .[Negan] Cover Done By Abigail Hunt
His dark and arrogant demeanor radiated off him as he strutted my way . His evil bat resting lazily on his shoulder as he held a devilish smirk. " So, how about t...
Irresistible - ((Negan X Reader)) by MultiFluff
Irresistible - ((Negan X Reader))by Her 🌸
Negan x Reader After everything he's done how can I be attracted to him...After all the hurt he's caused how can I want him to hold can I want him at all?
Negan x Reader - Present  by CourtDead
Negan x Reader - Present by CourtDead
(Y/N) Grimes, a innocent little girl, or is she? Find out what she really did before the apocalypse and how that affects her now.
There's A New Sheriff In Town by spnhollis
There's A New Sheriff In Townby spnhollis
Reader, Rick Grimes daughter wakes up to the unfamiliar sound of a horde of trucks nearing the gates to their home, Alexandria. The look on your father's face said it al...
Celebrity One Shots! (Taking Requests) by wtfolivia120801
Celebrity One Shots! (Taking LilKitten🥰
CURRENTLY TAKING REQUESTS FOR ANY PERSON!! There's gonna be a lot of smut but I'll put warning in the title and in the beginning of the chapter! I will also write lov...
Daddy's Little Ass Kicker by joyful_tori
Daddy's Little Ass Kickerby joyful_tori
Victoria is at college when the world turns to shit. What will happen when Victoria tries to save her family and runs into her Dad's colleague, Negan? Negan Fanfic and D...
Broken Saviour/TWD-Negan by bigvibingfics
Broken Saviour/TWD-Neganby LooneyLupin
-I don't own any of the original characters or their stories of the comics or TV show. I do own Maddie and her story- (this fic is innocent and contains no smut or anyth...
Chaos - Negan x OC by sugary-sweet-kiss
Chaos - Negan x OCby Jessie
'she's a mess of gorgeous chaos you can see it in her eyes' -- in which Negan meet's his match; the indomitable Veronica Weir --
I'm pointing at you (negan x reader) by Melted_crayons069
I'm pointing at you (negan x Melted_crayons069
(To the friend that's gonna role their eyes at me- I Had an IDea so I'm GonNa WritE)-love your pal, nugget licker. - Really description lol - You where working for nega...
Kickin With Dixon: A Collection of TWD Fanfics by WinchesterWonders
Kickin With Dixon: A Collection Wonderfulwinchester
Here you'll find a collection of my Walking Dead fics. These were originally posted on Tumblr under my Walking Dead Blog URL: Kickin-With-Dixon. SMUT posts marked *** T...
Help ~Negan Fanfic~ by llama_ddrama
Help ~Negan Fanfic~by llama_ddrama
Negan has just found out that his new wife isn't as safe as she seems. She's anorexic and self harms, after hearing her throwing up in the toilet after dinner he knew wh...
Awakening by dang3rousw0man
Awakeningby dang3rousw0man
Imagine waking up in a dark crate full of strangers, lacking even the faintest idea of how you ended up there. Before blacking out, you were just hunting, minding your...
𝕀 𝕎𝕒𝕚𝕥𝕖𝕕- Negans Daughter by Nothisispatrick1516
𝕀 𝕎𝕒𝕚𝕥𝕖𝕕- Negans Daughterby Nothisispatrick1516
She led a small group of capable people, spite being only 16. She met a boy in the woods while scavenging alone. Sooner or later that meeting led her back to her father.
Sacrifice  by AdderallShawty
Sacrifice by AdderallShawty
Izzy kcyre has just turned 15 when the world went to absolute shit. Now, 4 years later she and her group have to deal with possibly the biggest obstacle yet, negan. When...