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Living with the Badboy🌹 l (BWWM) ✔️ by mals64
Living with the Badboy🌹 l (BWWM) EvenMalWrite
The story is about Malia and Liam. Malia is African (Sudanese) and Liam is White.
Forever Yours by BlaiseWeaver
Forever Yoursby Blaise
Anonymous love notes, chocolate boxes in their locker, roses delivered at their doorstep. What was every girl's dream is Nebraska Shay's nightmare. She doesn't see love...
Jack Johnson Imagines by hydrateonjohnson
Jack Johnson Imaginesby biancaa
Imagines about the non-Hawaiian Jack Johnson
my babygirl → jack gilinsky  by canifflikestowrite
my babygirl → jack gilinsky by ry 🤍
"that's my babygirl over there, i'm gonna marry her one day"
The Marvels of Prairie Creek by PrairieCreek
The Marvels of Prairie Creekby Lynne Mickley
***WATTPAD FEATURED Nov 2017*** Penniless, hungry, and stranded at a truck stop just before Christmas, Jane Johnson has few options. So when rescue comes in the form...
ʟᴏᴠᴇʀ - ᴊ.ɢ COMPLETEDby ✌︎
-a girl named Olivia bumps into an old friend and things turn around, and everything changes. They became lovers but keep everything a secret, until they got caught, and...
the girl in the stands - shawn mendes  by canifflikestowrite
the girl in the stands - shawn ry 🤍
shawn mendes. the popular, football player who likes me? that's just crazy.. why would someone like him even consider going out with some like me? i mean really it all...
Incorrect Quotes with Statehumans by StateHumanMontana
Incorrect Quotes with Statehumansby A piece of mierda
What the title says. IDK what I'm doing anymore. ;-;. But enjoy this piece of crap. Featuring all states. Daily updates.
Forever Mine by BlaiseWeaver
Forever Mineby Blaise
When Nebraska decided to sacrifice herself to save the people she loved, she didn't expect to wake up and find out almost everything about her changed. Her hair, her eye...
My Kidnapper Wears a Feather in His Hair by SarahBeara
My Kidnapper Wears a Feather in Marie
When her famous father gets word of her beauty, he decides its time for Ella Weldingston to take her proper place as heir to one of the largest entrepreneurs in the west...
Falling For the New Kid //  Anthony Reeves by grandmakill3rrr
Falling For the New Kid // silly
why did you click on this😍😹
Ask the Midwest States! by StatehumansIndiana
Ask the Midwest States!by Sadie
Just like my Ask the States book but it is just the Midwest states if you what to ask the Midwest questions and dares do it!
Texting the states by StatehumansIndiana
Texting the statesby Sadie
This is where Indiana texted the wrong number but meets a new friend
Shining Armor by LillieGuiness
Shining Armorby Lillie Guiness
I walked away to get well. I did it for my children. I did it for myself. The job isn't the same. Phil left, AJ is always with him and my husband holds Money in the Bank...
my baby boy → jack gilinsky →sequel to my babygirl by canifflikestowrite
my baby boy → jack gilinsky → ry 🤍
the start of motherhood for lily & jack may not be as easy as they thought it would be.. with a lot emotions getting in the way, overthinking everything.. 2nd book. seq...
UNITED Z by dshelisha2004
UNITED Zby The Drag Writer💕💙💋
United Z is a story about women in the White House United.
omaha imagines by thicchobi
omaha imaginesby sophia
if you can't handle my humor than idk what to say bc you are a weak pebble. you know the ones that can't skip across the water & just flop to the bottom that's you. you...
jace by thethirdplacer
jaceby John Jane
"My name is Jace Overton, and I have schizophrenia." Mr. Stevenson stood from his desk, his eyes widening and surprise slapping him in the face as if he'd just...
New Beginings by FamousMaloski
New Beginingsby Carmella Montoya
Anastasia is just like any other girl, her life is really normal until both of her parents die and she has to move in with her abusive aunt in Omaha, Nebraska. Everythin...