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Bnha Oneshots ♡ by KarinZeightive
Bnha Oneshots ♡by Karin
Story cover by @svngbird! ※SLOW AS FUCK UPDATE※ ※NO MORE REQUESTS (unless It's interesting)※ Wanna have a book full of oneshots that's filled with cotton candy fluff or...
Withered with Hurt by Mamree
Withered with Hurtby Mamree
#Standalone... Best Ranking - #389 in love among 2.06 M story as on 18.07.2020 What will be the result when a devoted wife lost all her hope and faith on her marr...
Mizpah [MiChaeng] ✔ by Abyssmps
Mizpah [MiChaeng] ✔by .
Have you ever tried to dial the number you've seen in public places? Like someone write it for fun or for purpose. And that person replied on your message? ...
Maybe This Time | BrightWin by ametawin
Maybe This Time | BrightWinby filo
Maybe this time, they'll finally get the happy ending they have always wanted. Or maybe, never. Started: October 5, 2020 Completed: November 13, 2020
LUNA CATHERINE  by jolante424
LUNA CATHERINE by Yolanda Jolante
#Wattys 2020 Catherine has no reason to live but she's living. She's one of her kind after everything was taken from her. A young woman of a few words,yet she still hold...
Juicy X reader (Female) + smut by LittleJuiceBox
Juicy X reader (Female) + smutby 👉👈
Well Hello- I can't believe I am actually gonna write one of these- This is a Juicy x reader fanfic so please enjoy ❤️ WARNING ⚠️ Contains; >smut >swearing >Ki...
[✓] telegram ➳ michaeng by starchildmyoui
[✓] telegram ➳ michaengby ㅤhiatus.ㅤ
[ epistolary | narrative ] ❝ in which chaeyoung messages telegram users associated with the name mina in hopes to find the real one. ❞ © starchildmyoui 2k18 PLAGIARISM I...
Han Sierra was just to be noticed by the one and only Lee Heeseung the popular guy in her school.
Pikit Mata [MiChaeng] ✔ by Abyssmps
Pikit Mata [MiChaeng] ✔by .
(adj.) lit "with eyes closed"; How you accept the fact that something against your desires must be done. [√ ] Epistolary [√ ] Narrative [√ ] Both Highest Rank...
♡Another Chance ♡ #Wattys 2019 by Mamree
♡Another Chance ♡ #Wattys 2019by Mamree
Winner of Critic Choice Award 2019 #Standalone Six years ago... an arrogant, spoiled boy meets with a bubbly girl who was an orphan. Opposites in every way they embark...
|| Beauty and The Beast || by Mamree
|| Beauty and The Beast ||by Mamree
1st Runner up in Choice Award 2019 Winner of 3rd position in Limelight Award 2020 #Standalone A ruthless business tycoon and a lonely , naive girl... A Child and a...
FF:My Husband is mine ✔ #wattys2019 by polymath_land
FF:My Husband is mine ✔ #wattys2019by polymath_land
20 May 2019 #209 out of 296K on 22/06/2019 in Short story #1 out of 116 on 22/06/2019 in Gupta #15 out of 1.21K on 22/06/19 in ipkknd #20 out of 1.51K on 22/06/19 in ars...
Joshdub x mully maybe juicy, narrator and eddie by AttackOnTitan_fan666
Joshdub x mully maybe juicy, Alicla Rose Sakowski
This was made after i saw the boys reacting to fanfic so i am making something they won't hopefully react horribly if they make a pt 2 of reacting to fanfic (which i dou...
"it's all your fault" [Narrator x Eddie] by painfulclouds
"it's all your fault" [Narrator i would take out the trash if...
«Eduardo, I'll make you mine» -Narrator x Eddie, if u don't like it don't read it, made just for fun-
☆ Rising Phoenix ☆ by Mamree
☆ Rising Phoenix ☆by Mamree
Winner of 2nd position in Limelight Award 2020. #Standalone .... A journey of a spirited woman who find herself after going through almost death. Journey of a egoistic...
[✓] rebel ➳ annyeongz by starchildmyoui
[✓] rebel ➳ annyeongzby ㅤhiatus.ㅤ
[ epistolary | narrative ] ❝ in which yujin started to have feelings for her step-sister, wonyoung. ❞ © starchildmyoui 2k19 PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME!
Chef-d'oeuvre by lipsoulexe
Chef-d'oeuvreby gei.
"너는 걸작이야, 미나, 너를 사랑해." "Chef-d'oeuvre", translates to Masterpiece in English. A story wherein Chaeyoung had developed feelings for her bestfriend, M...
▪︎It's Too Late▪︎[ Completed ] by Mamree
▪︎It's Too Late▪︎[ Completed ]by Mamree
#Standalone .... What will be the result when a selfless woman will get only humiliation and truma in return of her unconditional love? How long she will remain as taken...
NOW YOU SEE ME. by jolante424
NOW YOU SEE Yolanda Jolante
#Wattys 2020 She had gotten used to being alone, being hidden from the world but then he arrived and nothing was the same anymore.....Because he was the first, to let hi...