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Night Sky  by kwintessence
Night Sky by Kwiiiini 💕
For as long as she can remember, Yumi was brought up to take each of her step with her family's name and fame in mind. Each accomplishment or mistake always falls back t...
House of Cards (Kim Namjoon x reader) by Mono_l1sa
House of Cards (Kim Namjoon x Lisa
"Namjoon, I get that you don't feel anything towards me and I respect that, I truly do. But that doesn't stop me from feeling something for you. I know it's dumb, a...
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Love Maze (Kim Namjoon x Reader) by Mono_l1sa
Love Maze (Kim Namjoon x Reader)by Lisa
"Namjoon, what am I to you?" your voice came out weaker than you wanted but you stood your ground. "What? Y/N, you're being ridiculous. You're my girlfrie...
her (Kim Namjoon x Reader) by Mono_l1sa
her (Kim Namjoon x Reader)by Lisa
"Well Miss Doh, it seems that he likes you, which is rare. How about this, how would you like to become his full-time nanny?" "Excuse me?" "I'll...
Reflection (Kim Namjoon x Reader) by Mono_l1sa
Reflection (Kim Namjoon x Reader)by Lisa
A lost man with no memories of his past. A simple nurse with a simple life. You never thought a good man existed, let alone one that would appear right out of thin air a...
Pied Piper (Kim Namjoon x Reader) by Mono_l1sa
Pied Piper (Kim Namjoon x Reader)by Lisa
"Surely Seokjin told you that I was sick." the Prince said, "You wouldn't leave a sick person by himself, right?" He leaned forward, hands on the des...
Wrong Number // Kim Namjoon by lucy-writes
Wrong Number // Kim Namjoonby lightbulb
" sorry, i think you have the wrong number. " "oh, my bad. " Started Posting - March 22nd, 2018 Finished Posting - April 5th, 2018
The Boss| Taehyung Fanfiction| #Wattys2017 by SabiSalavatore
The Boss| Taehyung Fanfiction| Sabi
"Hmph, jealous?" you snickered at Taehyung as you turned around to face him, your hair flying in the light ocean breeze. "Want me to prove it," "...
LUMINESCENCE | K.NJ ✓ by chaelattae
HORMONES || Namjoon [completed] by NamjoonsRyanPajama
HORMONES || Namjoon [completed]by Mainly Namjoon/BTS
Namjoon: 17 years old, edgy, savage and stuff lmao idk Y/n: 15 years old, a dumb sensitive bih that we all are
Hold Me Tight (Kim Namjoon x Reader) by Mono_l1sa
Hold Me Tight (Kim Namjoon x Lisa
His pink hair, his dimples, his tall figure. You remember those things. But you have no idea who he is or why he keeps showing up around you. You knew he was dangerous...
Darling | knj by lolacucaaa
Darling | knjby lauren💘
"Happy relationships don't just happen. You make them happen." ; rm x reader ; soulmate au • complete
Waste it on Me (Kim Namjoon X reader) by Mono_l1sa
Waste it on Me (Kim Namjoon X Lisa
"You're a coward, Namjoon. If she is the person you love, then go to her. Tell her you love her, hold her like she's your world." "Y/N," he said, try...
Vigilante | knj • jjk • kth  by epochbts
Vigilante | knj • jjk • kth by Lune⁷ ♡
"I'm not letting you go. That'd be tantamount to losing my everything." • knj "This is not a threat but a promise. I'll chase you to the ends of the eart...
|| Falling for him again ||  Kim Namjoon Fanfiction by hyumairah
|| Falling for him again || Kim hyumairah
Kim Joon Hyun had the biggest crush on Namjoon since high school but everything shattered when they drifted apart . Yet , they meet again , this time , what do you thin...
Yandere!Namjoon X Reader {My Property} by xxjamlessjiminxx
Yandere!Namjoon X Reader {My JamlessJimim♡
"I love you, (Y/N). I always will" "I love you too, Namjoon." "You need to be punished. You've been a bad girl, (Y/N)." "Stay away fr...
Namjoon x reader smut oneshots  by nexuyaa
Namjoon x reader smut oneshots by Nexuyaa :3
Uhhh if u wanna read this u gotta be 18+ but ik some of you little kiddos will be here too and I welcome you I guess :) A SMUT BOOK OF MR PRESIDENT ^^ Don't hesitate to...
Tutor Me ✔️ by myyoongiversee
Tutor Me ✔️by 🍷
I sigh as I knew that I failed my exams. My teacher gave me an advice. "Have a Tutor." [Completed]
Thief by BottleOfWishes
Thiefby ✮༺♥༻✮
"I need your help. Can you please help me?" "Listen dude, I've got my own problems to deal with right now." And with that, I start walking away, leav...