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VALENTINE VIRUS [YM] by nasatunes
Jimin just wants to go home when he saw some men man-handling a young girl and without thinking twice, he tries his best to save her even until he gets beaten up unconsc...
Peachy (Bottom Namjoon Oneshots) by little-rosejam
Peachy (Bottom Namjoon Oneshots)by little-rosejam
Bottom Namjoon everything! Oneshots, imagines, etc 💜 I just wanna spread some baby boy Joonie
Play Dirty | « 𝕛.𝕛𝕜 + 𝕜.𝕥𝕙 » by raspberrytaekook
Play Dirty | « 𝕛.𝕛𝕜 + 𝕜.𝕥𝕙 »by 𝙧𝙚𝙝𝙖𝙗.
__ in which taehyung is in need of a job desperately, so he goes to an office which apparently has a good pay but the job itself wasn't what he expected __ 𝘁𝗼𝗽!𝗸𝗼𝗼...
||soulmates||~Taegi by Kp0pem0trash
||soulmates||~Taegiby Kp0pem0trash
Everyone has a soulmate they're able to communicate with in their minds. What happened when a young Taehyung finally finds his soulmate? ((Sorry for bad spelling, gramma...
museum | yoonmin (hiatus) by anatelophobic
museum | yoonmin (hiatus)by tf is a display name
"ouch." "you could've done it a little softer you know." -- yoongi spots a new museum across his cafe.
"You were supposed to get married, you..!-" "I don't care if he doesn't like me! I don't give a fuck!" When your boyfriend leaves 'off-the-grid' for...
delinquents by MINGEY00NGI
delinquentsby TAM
after ending up in a juvenile detention facility, kim taehyung was determined to stay out of trouble, finish his years, and get back home to providing for and taking car...
You're you. | J.JK x K.TH | by taebvd
You're you. | J.JK x K.TH |by rose.
"You're you. And oh my fucking god I love you." A story when a girl is not a girl but a boy. A story when the boy has a best friend that loves him. credit to...
5 Simple Rules of Dating My Brother by GeminiJeon
5 Simple Rules of Dating My Brotherby Kookie's Tae
Jungkook already have everything. Wealthy life, good friends, good grades, good reputation and most of all a lovely sweet boyfriend. But there's a tiny problem and that...