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Burning Stars | NaLu by Eunikitty
Burning Stars | NaLuby god.
"You can't run when you realize you're in love with her." Every dragon has their treasure. Their possessed prize. They keep it safe with all their heart and...
NaLu Week 2018 by zElliexmagic
NaLu Week 2018by zElliexmagic
This is another story for NaLu Week 2018. I hope you guys enjoy this one as well! Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail or it's characters. Those belong to the amazing Hiro...
Baby Natsu Dragneel by GalaxyCrystalPearl
Baby Natsu Dragneelby iipxearl
Lucy was walking to the guild until she saw something that made her Jaw drop. Find out more when you read the story! Edit: this is my first fanfiction, hope you enjoy! (...
Nalu mating season by casperella3
Nalu mating seasonby Casperella
Natsu is realizing sudden changes realizing he's in love with Lucy, wondering why all of a sudden this is happening. Will him and Lucy hit it off as destined partners or...
I still love you (Nalu) by firegirlx11
I still love you (Nalu)by MyVkook
They were living happily ever together - - - Until Lisanna comes along - - Even if you don't love me anymore I still love you. [COMPLETED]
Let Me Hold You by Shabbib
Let Me Hold Youby Shay
Lucy Heartfilia is the new girl at school, she quickly find's herself making friends and even finds a crush. How she would grow to love this goofy, salmon haired dummy h...
Different Worlds by _thefairytailnalu_
Different Worldsby Tiffany
In the world of Fiore, there are two people in Team Natsu. A blondie named Lucy, and a pinkette named Natsu. The world desires them to separate,((a.k.a: NaLi fans)) whic...
Nalu Week 2015 by MadH4tter
Nalu Week 2015by MadH4tter
This is a book filled with the one-shots for Nalu Week 2015 Bonus: Shine (June 24) Day 1: Wander (July 1) Day 2: Gratitude (July 2) Day 3: Transformation (July 3) Day 4...
ROSE (NALU LOVE STORY) by cardion23
A man, who fell in love with a wrong girl. A woman who rescue the man from sadness Natsu:You have my rose, all this time? So it was you then. I finally found you
Cupid // NaLu by LusheeHearts
Cupid // NaLuby ★Lushee★
Lucy was created by unknown forces to be the next generation of Cupid. An intelligent, quicker, better, updated Cupid. And she was happy with being a girl with 11 foot w...
Lucy Heartfillia  The Dragon Princess by txirirose
Lucy Heartfillia The Dragon Kitty~Chan
This is another nalu story. What happens if Lucy has magical powers that no one knows about? And how will Natsu react about it when he finds out about them?
They Didn't Know.. (On Hold) by kianakrueger13
They Didn't Know.. (On Hold)by kiana destiny
Lucy heartfilia didn't know at the time that her life would change for the better. Natsu dragneel didn't know he would lose his best friend for the worst. Lisanna straus...
You'll soon be mine..  | Nalu // x reader by dogeisbaexix
You'll soon be mine.. | Nalu // ˗ˏˋNatsu & Grayˎˊ˗
• Lucy {or yourself} had a strong passion of hatred towards Natsu but since things glide along, yours and Natsu's relationship changes happily but with some circumstanc...
Deployment  by KatelynSchell
Deployment by Katelyn Schell
Natsu is being deployed into the military and Lucy is having a hard time saying goodbye, fearing that she may never see him again. Art belongs to their respective owner...
Lucy Power, heartbroken, dark heart, NaLu by kiwi-cha
Lucy Power, heartbroken, dark 🥝ღKiwi-chaღ🥝
Hi guy I am doing story to make up mine other story. I hope you like this. This story about Lucy got kick of the team break up with Natsu Cause his bestfriend. Lucy try...
To All The Boys I've Loved Before by kxrchs
To All The Boys I've Loved Beforeby Keia Riches
My name is Lucy Heartfilia. And I love writing so yeah I write love letters too whenever my crush is so intense that I can't even voice it out. So far I've wrote 5 lette...
Fairy tail back in time by fairytail_3
Fairy tail back in timeby fairytail_3
When The main 5(including happy) get stuck 6 years in the past they have to turn to their past selves for help but have problems keeping the time line in order. (This is...
•Just One Kiss•Nalu Fanfiction• by chocolate_islyfe
•Just One Kiss•Nalu Fanfiction•by ChocolateMuffin
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Lucy dragged Natsu along by his hand to the top of the stairs, above the fourth floor, in the restricted area. She was embarrassed of...
✩NaLu Positivity by fuckyeahnalu
✩NaLu Positivityby "from now on, you're mine"
Do you have any recommeneded nalu fics? How about amazing nalu arts you saw that you wanted to share? Some headcannons you know? Or just pure fangirling about our ship? ...