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NaLu One Shots  by SleepingWithKirito
NaLu One Shots by SleepingWithKirito
This books contains a collection of Natsu & Lucy one shots. Some stories are recreations of an episode of Fairytail, ending in Nalu somehow, or completley made up. Plea...
The Bad boy is my Neighbour (Nalu fanfic) |ON GOING| by Wendyyymarvell
The Bad boy is my Neighbour ( Andrea
Has a Bad boy ever been so blunt and stubborn, maybe scary. Well Natsu Dragneel is the bad boy of the school because of how Blunt, Stubborn and scary he is that's how gi...
The Bad Boy's Girl | Nalu Fanfiction by esmeragda
The Bad Boy's Girl | Nalu Fairy Tail Fanfictions
New school, new people. It'll take time for Lucy Heartfilia to adapt to the distinct environment. She believed that everything will go as she planned, that she'll meet g...
Fairy Tail Inc. by kasi001
Fairy Tail kasi001
Lucy Heartfilia is a sucessful author working for Fairy Tail Inc. and recently she has acquired a new artist to work under her, not knowing that she would fall in love...
Trapped in Love (NaLu fanfic) by Natsufire12
Trapped in Love (NaLu fanfic)by Pinky-San
Natsu and Lucy get trapped in a cave and their only way out is to kiss. About a week or so later after their kiss, Natsu starts to ignore Lucy. Lucy gets upset and asks...
Until She's Home Again by SweetBloodyAshes
Until She's Home Againby Tetrabibilos VII
Lucy has left Magnolia and Fairy Tail behind and she had absolutely no intention of going back. - Eventual NaLu. Main story now complete; the five chapter epilogue is no...
Baby Natsu Dragneel by GalaxyCrystalPearl
Baby Natsu Dragneelby iipxearl
Lucy was walking to the guild until she saw something that made her Jaw drop. Find out more when you read the story! Edit: this is my first fanfiction, hope you enjoy! (...
Forgotten (Book1) by HellfireMorningstar
Forgotten (Book1)by Mya S
Lucy feels abandoned when Natsu keeps going on jobs with Lisanna and keeps turning her down. Lucy goes on a solo mission to destroy a demon tree but it turns out to be a...
Ever After (NaLu FanFiction) by Majimeh
Ever After (NaLu FanFiction)by M E J ☆
(Not a NaLi FanFic. I'm already in the Tartaros Arc, by the way.) Lucy found a perfect job request. She begged Natsu and the whole to team to join her with this mission...
Our Long Lost Child - NaLu AU by _thefairytailnalu_
Our Long Lost Child - NaLu AUby Tiffany
((Updates whenever a chapter is ready!)) They were young, wild, and dumb. It was just that one night, it changed Lucy's life forever. Lucy Heartfillia had recently broke...
[Nalu fanfic] Khởi đầu của tớ và cậu by Meo_NeOn
[Nalu fanfic] Khởi đầu của tớ và Mèo NeOn
Trận chiến cuối cùng kết thúc . . . Máu nhuộm đẫm mặt đất . . . Chiếc khăn choàng thấm đẫm mùi của cậu . . . Tìm mãi . . . vẫn chẳng thấy...
You're my world, you're my everything  by lm1324
You're my world, you're my JustAnotherAuthor.xP
EDITING THIS BOOK BIG TIME. SOME CHAPTERS MIGHT BE REPLACED. Sorry for all the errors please bear with me! This book makes no sense 😭 Read at your own risk! "Oi...
Finding the Secret Singer   ➵original by cosmics_cr1b
Finding the Secret Singer ➵ ✧cosmic🌻🌧
Lucy Lucky Heartfilla is her name, but she is also known as the Secret Singer. Once she sang in the costume party, everyone wanted to know who was behind that mask, esp...
One afternoon, Lucy, Levy and Juvia were feeling waxed and helpless as they have lost the zeal to continue loving their dense and ignorant Dragon Slayers and stubborn ts...
I'm in love with the girl,who I hated (nalu fanfic) by crazyanime101
I'm in love with the girl,who I Crazy lover
Natsu the typical hot jock at school And then u have lucy the popular pretty blonde Natsu hates lucy Lucy hates natsu They don't care about each other But when lucy...
Let Her Go (Nalu Fanfic) by Blue0203
Let Her Go (Nalu Fanfic)by Blue0203
Natsu was captured and is questioned. He won't answer even when the capturers used hurtful ways, but they're about to use the most hurtful way. Lucy was walking home la...
Never Fall In Love by NatsuandLucy4LIFE
Never Fall In Loveby GuinShipsNaLu
(NaLu Fanfiction) Lucy Heartfilia, she's a beautiful and talented singer that goes to school at the Fairy Tail School of Arts. She has many friends.....but all of it is...
Forbidden Key (NaLu Fanfic) by HellfireMorningstar
Forbidden Key (NaLu Fanfic)by Mya S
While team Natsu is on a job Lucy finds a strang gold celestial key, to find out the truth about this new celestial spirit Lucy and the team starts looking into the pas...
The story to hard to tell. by AescEnprCore
The story to hard to AescEnprCore
Natsu is acting strange... No, not his usual strange... Stranger... Why has he been acting this way? What could have happened to make our pyro lose his spark?
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Guild Secrets by SleepingWithKirito
Guild Secretsby SleepingWithKirito
Natsu and Lucy go on a mission to save a town and recover something lost. As their relationship blossoms, so does an uncovered secret - who will be there to protect them...