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☄At the adge of my life☄ by NiniStarStories
☄At the adge of my life☄by ❣🤘BTS army🤘❣
"ყველა მეუბნებოდა, რომ როდესაც 15 წლის, გავხდებოდი ჩემს ცხოვრებაში ყველაფერი შეიცვლებოდა. სამწუხაროდ, ამ სიტყვების უგუნებელყოფა საკმაოდ ძვირად დამიჯდა"
Cat and mouse by Niteshin3
Cat and mouseby Niteshine
After 14 year old Jamie Hears that his 13 year old best friend Kira was kidnapped on her way home from school, and later murdered, he feels that her murder was partiall...
THE BOOK by Sophiarne
THE BOOKby Sophiarne
Layla thinks she doesn't have a spot in the world but the bad things happen for good things to happen.
Two Souls by guinwolfe
Two Soulsby guin
Justin and Eva go through a lot. They have special powers that no one else has. They are unique, but also dangerous. They can only do one job. Kill entities.
That  summer by lolreal101
That summerby lolreal101
Ella is forced to go to her dads for the summer and her expeted terible summer tirns into a magical and bumpy summer when she meet Cj
The Best Friends by demon579
The Best Friendsby demon579
A normal sleep over for two teenage girls becomes a nightmare in a matter of minutes how will they get out of the problems they made along the way?
Purple Eye  by AlexBellLove
Purple Eye by queen_abl
A girl who's parent we're kill one night... A girl who got hit by a car that night... A girl who woke up one the next day with weird powers... A girl who had brown eyes...
A͟T͟w͟i͟s͟t͟e͟d͟ W͟r͟o͟l͟d͟  by mip24a
A͟T͟w͟i͟s͟t͟e͟d͟ W͟r͟o͟l͟d͟ by mip24a
May Kero was a normal teen in highschool,in till one day her whole life changed!Time going backwards ,weird portals in the sky, Zero gravity, Flying Cats,and much more.J...
Light's shadow  by Ella_Mulhall
Light's shadow by Ella_Mulhall
She was singing that song again, sometimes it's hummed, sometimes it's whispered and sometimes she just sings. But she will only sing properly in private. Perhaps she wa...
Short Horror Scary Stories by Ellie_wildx
Short Horror Scary Storiesby Ellie_wildx
A cursed doll wants her soul back a little girl find her outside a primary school and something strange starts happening to th doll and to the little girl
Yours truly by happytrumpet
Yours trulyby Killing_unicorns13
" Morris Silverbeam. He is my dad." It's 1874 and Kelly Silverbeam is having trouble with her dad In jail and a mentally disabled mother. She sets out on a j...
Adventure Into The Great Beyond by doug_cook_
Adventure Into The Great Beyondby Doug Cook
A great book with wounder and advanture with a sence of romance
Finding my place by SuicideSadie4448756
Finding my placeby ,clara
Selen,Xaiver, and Lilith friends or something more...
My Addiction   by Isabella_Givenchy
My Addiction by Isabella_Givenchy
Your name is Valentina Rain Bradley currently an average teen with a twin brother and and part of the Mafia so maybe not so normal after all. You have never had a boyfri...
The Shadow boy by boysluck
The Shadow boyby boysluck
This book is about aboy who always liked to stay in the shadows and never liked to see the sun he was a bit like a vampire really and yeah thats it
The mystirious charmander  by Ungeckableslife
The mystirious charmander by Ungeckables life
this story is about a charmander that has a weird and mystirious past and will try to kill the chosen one when he makes contact with him.This will be season story.