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M E R C Y by ovvrdose
M E R C Yby ovvrdose
"I'm scared to fucking death." He laughed - no amusement. For the first time of the entirety of this conversation, he looked at me. "Death is loving you...
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The perfect match by heyley22marshal
The perfect matchby heyley marshal
SAMANTHA BLAKE, age 25 daughter of Damien Blake. Head of Russian mob. Her brain works like a computer. She got her licence as a surgeon when she was 24. She learned 6 la...
  • action
  • pain
  • mystery
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LiGhTniNg CoVe🦋 by MajorAngelEnergy
LiGhTniNg CoVe🦋by c 🚀
LiGhTniNg CoVe is about to get very fishy 🧜🏼‍♂️
  • magic
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  • mermaid
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The Death Bridge by AdrianaLombard
The Death Bridgeby AdrianaLombard
Deep hidden within the Shadow Forest there is a danger lurking in the shadows. Only one person can save the entire realm - a beautiful young woman. With the help of a st...
  • mystery
  • magicalcreatures
  • action
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Paranormal Mysteries: Feline Fury by AnnieNollette
Paranormal Mysteries: Feline Furyby Annie Nollette
In the year 1915, as the Great War dragged on, a group of brilliant minds were tasked to creating the perfect super soldier using arcane means of science. One of them, D...
  • hero
  • comedy
  • romance
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Minsdrelle Saga: The Son, the Bearers and the Finder by VismayVairagi
Minsdrelle Saga: The Son, the Vismay Vairagi
❝The four of them shall come forth against all enmities, For it is a must, and for the land's serenity. Or else, evil shall triumph for the joy of the good, That is, unl...
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Her Blood On His Fangs by susheyyn
Her Blood On His Fangsby seb
"Where am I?" "You are in my territory woman." Her forehead creased. She looked at the surrounding and it's not even familiar. She doesn't remember v...
  • fangs
  • deal
  • demon
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3 Words @t 5:00 AM by Lemon_Star00
3 Words @t 5:00 AMby kioskiestar
" Dont worry because I won't leave you..." Mag salitang binitawan niya nakailan man hindi naitupad......
  • mystery
  • highschoollove
  • rom-com
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The unsolved mystery by sriza113
The unsolved mysteryby sriza113
Hey everyone!! I'm a really new and un expirienced story writer.. ***this story isn't real at all*** This is a investigation story on a murder case.. So, if you liked...
  • mystery
Plasmaherz by jensartschwager
Plasmaherzby Jens Artschwager
»Angst ist hier draußen das einzig richtige Gefühl« ⏩ Plasmaherz ist seit 2018 im Handel. Binnen der nächsten Wochen werde ich via Wattpad das komplette Buch veröffentl...
  • dystopie
  • horror
  • wattys2019
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Trapped in Danger by DanyellaJoyaaa
Trapped in Dangerby DaniellaGOLD
Under updating|Un Edited @DanyellaJoyaaa product Kindly follow Ms. @kblueskript Thank you for making my book cover a week ago. Sorry kasi pinalitan ko. I just tried to...
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  • secrets
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Time After Time by RoseTanPHR
Time After Timeby Rose Tan
The year was 1988. Sixteen year-old Olivia passed out on the night of the prom. When she came to, it was year 2005. She was still sixteen. Everyone she knew told her sh...
  • mystery
  • time
  • friendship
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Hiraeth by bobastories
Hiraethby zctn
Diane is the girl in school that nobody ever notices. Meanwhile, her older sister, Iris, is loved by all. What nobody knows, is that behind the facade, Iris has a burn...
  • mystery
  • romance
  • abuse
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I'll Still Love You.. by IknoW_YouKnoW98
I'll Still Love IknoW_YouKnoW98
I couldn't take it any longer, I loved him but he didn't feel the same way, sorry for bothering you all your life, I don't want to cause more trouble.. Sorry ...
  • drama
  • sad
  • love
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The Girl Incapable of Love by Hopeless_DJ
The Girl Incapable of Loveby DJ
"Hell hath mercy for those in love with you," he whispered, his lips brushing against my ears. I laughed, not because it was funny but because he wasn't the fi...
  • jock
  • funny
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orphic ; ᵐʸˢᵗᵉʳʸ ᵃᶠ by sulleyyeahh-
orphic ; ᵐʸˢᵗᵉʳʸ ᵃᶠby s u l l e y
❝the killer is out there!❞ - mystery apply fic - o p e n !!! sulleyyeahh- © 2019
  • murder
  • applyfic
  • mysterious
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Poems(・ヰぴ) by BadBunny00
Poems(・ヰぴ)by Laura Koppens
  • short
  • collection
  • depression
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s i Ni s t e r by RoseTanPHR
s i Ni s t e rby Rose Tan
A person who desires revenge should dig two graves. For he who plots to hurt others often hurts himself. But Paige Hipolito didn't know that. She set out to avenge her b...
  • intrigue
  • lifestyle
  • mystery
DREAM  by Flowerontheseaside
DREAM by BlueOrchid
"You're so beautiful." He spoke in a gentle breath. "Stay away from me!" I shouted yet it fell on deaf ears and he moved closer. ____________________...
  • life
  • dream
  • tension
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