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500+ Psychology Facts |✍ by August_Parker
500+ Psychology Facts |✍by August Parker
Psychology, if it's your cup of tea, opens doors to a lot of interesting characteristics and traits that human beings encompass. Reading about it will not only give a me...
  • crush
  • love
  • puzzle
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-- Never Again -- by YAN_88
-- Never Again --by 😈🔥
ၿပီးဆံုးသြားခဲ့​ေသာ တစ္​ခ်ိန္​က... ... ...။
  • feelings
  • love
  • mystery
Paper Stars by Sammyhammy_15
Paper Starsby Sammyhammy_15
Your earliest memories are of your mom making paper stars and putting them into a jar then never seemed to overfill. On your eighteenth birthday you've learned the secre...
  • mystery
  • warlocks
  • magic
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Undercover by yumagne
Undercoverby Jeon Cheska
This may kind of mystery that is connected in solving crimes.
  • mystery
  • detectives
  • codes
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Whisper  by KittyCataz13
Whisper by KittyCataz13
Whisper is the best hacker on the planet. Wanted by the police and badly. She is working for the greater good unbeknownst by government. Nobody has ever caught her. Unt...
  • mystery
  • villain
  • action
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Fallen Skies by Zenaria
Fallen Skiesby DARK | PARADISE
He was as insufferable as he was charming Viscous and unapologetic. He enticed me, his strength, his resilience and determination. Too bad he was made to drain me of the...
  • blackgirl
  • alpha
  • hot
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Original Scenarios (RP) by ReDLiPsXOX
Original Scenarios (RP)by RED
Hello, Proceed inside to the intro for more details.
  • interesting
  • fresh
  • hot
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What if he's watching...  by Superfruit-Ptx
What if he's watching... by Sassy Grassi-Hoying
Dani and her friends are adventurous. They like to play around and mess with scary things and get themselves into trouble. But one day they went a little too far, they f...
  • mystery
  • thriller
  • paranormal
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Love or Friendship? by hnnhbr_
Love or Friendship?by 💜
University Life is going to start for Sophia. After her boyfriend's death, she is trying to move on and just enjoy life just the way it is. Will she ever survive?
  • mystery
  • readthisstory
  • friendship
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Murder in the Woods: A Warrior Cat Mafia by RP_Clan
Murder in the Woods: A Warrior RP_Clan
Honor. Bravery. Loyalty. Every clan cat knows the code. It keeps the peace where cats cannot. Rule 14: An honorable cat does not need to kill to win his own battles. But...
  • mystery
  • mafia
  • murder
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The Search For Peace by Momomoron
The Search For Peaceby Momo♡
A world full of bloodshed and hatred. The wind cries for the sake of love, but only a few hear it. These few, kindred souls search desperately for a way to change their...
  • highschool
  • fiction
  • magicworld
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Suffocating by ClementineDavidson
Suffocatingby ClementineDavidson
Roxanne is passionate about getting the truth out, no matter how insignificant or horrifying it might be. Claire wants her life to be stable and safe, even if it means w...
  • undiscovered
  • thriller
  • mystery
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Firefly by mystorymore
Fireflyby mystorymore
You might think this is a story about change. It's not. Everything in my life is just miserable.. Nothing will ever change that...What happens when 16 year old Cerry's l...
  • friend
  • lovestory
  • chapter1
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Sweet Vengeance by LadyOfCythera
Sweet Vengeanceby Maine Moreno
Gabriela Sullivan was sixteen years old back then, when her father was killed. Their number one rivals, the Fitzgerald family was one of her primary suspect. Now that s...
  • romance
  • assistant
  • millionaire
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My Seven Brothers and I by Shade_Sorio
My Seven Brothers and Iby Shade_Sorio
Hi, I'm Xanthippe Yssenia Zuiderduin 16 years old the one and only daughter of Zandro and Yanira Zuiderduin. I have seven demon brothers and I hate that. Nakakainis sila...
  • love
  • brothers
  • family
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A Girl Named Elisia by _AwkwardAuthor
A Girl Named Elisiaby °Jay°
This is the story of how I died... Just kidding, but people do die, that's what teenagers like these days right? This is the story about a girl named Elisia, she was a b...
  • student
  • thriller
  • teenager
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DEEMO by FanaTheHateful
DEEMOby FanaTheHateful
Wala akong matandaan, ang alam ko lang ay nalaglag ako sa loob ng castle ni Deemo. hindi ako makalis sa lugar na ito dahil walang ibang lagusan kundi ang bintana sa itaa...
  • spiritual
  • supernatural
  • dreams
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Obliviate- Theseus Scamander by supersuit
Obliviate- Theseus Scamanderby HONEY. WHERE'S MY-
Selene Kériet can't remember her father dying. She can't remember the reason he passed on. As the girl and her mother pack up and move across the continent, they can't...
  • mystery
  • harrypotter
  • scamander
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High School Scandal! by marzlit12
High School Scandal!by marzlit12
"I don't see what the problem is, he's just a regular kid like all of us, even if he was the president's son I would do the same thing to him"
  • comedy-
  • love
  • bullystory
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Aware  by Cosmicshade
Aware by Cosmicshade
This story is about a girl who becomes more aware of her surroundings and finds out the truth of things. Can she trust her classmates? Who is this mystery boy? What is t...
  • technology
  • life
  • warewolf
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