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Chains and Blue Flames by akamekillshiki
Chains and Blue Flamesby ileene
Reader discretion advised. Rated: M for Mature Contains chapters that some viewers may find disturbing. TW// explicit content, torture, domestic violence(kinda), sexual...
Scarlette and Jason, Murder Couple by emokid30
Scarlette and Jason, Murder Coupleby Tanner2019
A couple who spends there time killing and loving each other. A creepyposta, of a real relationship. Follow scarlet and Jason through there, love and Killer passion.
My Date, The Riddler Edward Nygma FF by TheRiddlerr
My Date, The Riddler Edward TheRiddlerr
New country.. New City.. New people.. New work.. Gotham, one of the most dangerously city's .. Me, as a women, on a new work, at the G.C.P.D At this point, I didn't...
how to get away with murder by tallerthenyou
how to get away with murderby tallerthenyou
I used to joke about murder. How I could live with the thought of ending someone's life. How I could get away with it. But it wasn't the same, holding her lifeless body...