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masturbate ∇ muke by interfere
masturbate ∇ mukeby ♡
michael can't keep his hands off himself. and luke, well he doesn't even touch himself. _ sunday april 12th, 2015
Hatred // Muke by adorately
Hatred // Mukeby Baguette Squad!!!
» Muke Clemmings High School AU « {in editing - 6/22} Luke and Michael absolutely despise each other. No, scratch that; they hate each other. Luke loves making Michael's...
PCD || Muke ✓ by malumdictionary
PCD || Muke ✓by lee
Michael and Luke just can't seem to get a long because Michael couldn't understand how Luke was always horny and Luke couldn't understand why Michael always seemed so sa...
stepbrother✿muke by stephenunvrs
stepbrother✿mukeby Yanne
"This is not punk rock" He pouts but his eyes say something different like they always do. I grin then play with my lip ring as I walk towards him, "So? W...
The Killer [Muke Clemmings] by Zariabrooks
The Killer [Muke Clemmings]by Zariabrooks
Era un asesino que unos ojos azules terminaron matándolo.
the dead ones aren't resting [muke] ✔ [CURRENTLY EDITING] by theairisunclean
the dead ones aren't resting [ 🤍
"but you should listen, angels and demons can't love each other. they are meant to kill the other, and you shouldn't test fate." "i couldn't kill him even...
Cracked Ice || Muke || mpreg ✓ by malumdictionary
Cracked Ice || Muke || mpreg ✓by lee
Both boys were close to getting the gold, whether it be getting drafted into the NHL or skating in 2016 Olympics in South Korea, but it's hard to keep moving forward whe...
Forever {Cashton 5SOS} by butterflyash
Forever {Cashton 5SOS}by no.
Ashton has never been the happiest and has never thought highly of himself, but soon he learns being famous, while it can be great at times, has its down sides. He gets...
porcelain ☆ muke by gayboymuke
porcelain ☆ mukeby ♡ MAY ♡
"so pretty," luke hummed. "like porcelain." ☆ punk!luke innocent!michael © 2015 gayboymuke most of this book is humerus so please don't take offense...
Silence // Muke by vodka_muke
Silence // Mukeby Axel
He never said much but he had a novel of creativity published in his mind.
Muke Clemmings One Shots by LarryAF_LouisTops
Muke Clemmings One Shotsby Summer Clifford-Irwin-Tomlins...
Because Muke Clemmings is PERFECT, these are a bunch of Muke one shots :) Any Ideas are welcome in the comments :) Also, I know it says completed but I may add to it n...
Cope *Muke* by LovelyLanden
Cope *Muke*by Landen
Patience isn't something Luke Hemmings has very much of so when Michael ends up in a coma after a terrible car accident, he doesn't quite know what to do with himself. H...
reading michael [muke] by -mullingaar
reading michael [muke]by -mullingaar
"number?" "w-what? you want my number?" "for you library card bro." "ohh, yeahh right.." or the one where michael works at the li...
Addiction // Muke by vodka_muke
Addiction // Mukeby Axel
"I burn my skin, you burn your lungs. We're all addicted to something." "I'll stop if you do." Or the one where two teenage boys learn the truth ab...
Silver Dust || Muke by malumdictionary
Silver Dust || Mukeby lee
Luke wanted nothing more than to see his wings shimmer but he hated the person that made them shine.
Yes, Captain. ↬ Muke af [✔] by dreamparadise
Yes, Captain. ↬ Muke af [✔]by L.
❝Forget everything you believed about mermaids, mate.❞ merman!michael captain!luke [COMPLETED ✔] [SHORT STORY/ MERMAID AU] © 2016, dreamparadise. All Rights Reserved.
wasting time » lh ; mc by sublimed
wasting time » lh ; mcby cj
michael clifford is an arrogant asshole and luke hemmings just wants attention.
About Time//Muke by astral5sos
About Time//Mukeby astral5sos
A spin off of Baby Girl sharing Muke's side of things
Sierra Da Bhad Bich Slays Christmas  by lukesperiod
Sierra Da Bhad Bich Slays lol meme
this whole thing started as an inside joke between my friends so ya you might wanna avoid reading this, trust me my friends are fucked up and you will probably get put i...
Pizza Boy by lukehemminx
Pizza Boyby lukehemminx
❝I'll blow you for a free pizza❞ ❝Didn't know this was part of the job❞