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I Need To Be Loved (Ricky Horror Fan Fic) [Book #1] by iluvsws_ptv
I Need To Be Loved (Ricky Horror Hi-Me
Gabriella Davis AKA Midnight is the drummer for the band Into The Dark. She has always had a hard time letting people in and decided that she doesn't want to be in a rel...
You and I  [Ryan Sitkowski fanfic ] by gaiyuhh
You and I [Ryan Sitkowski fanfic ]by Gaia🌙🌳
24 years old Amaya Marquez just an ordinary girl who lives in Scranton and a leader/vocalist of local metal band called 'Brutal Season'. She never expect her next chapt...
Hope For The Hopeless (Cricky) by DarkStar_BVB172
Hope For The Hopeless (Cricky)by Holly
Ricky Olson's life is a broken record. Every day, bullied horribly for being different, being judge by his family, he questions why he's even alive. Then Chris appears...
All Alone by ghostwonderland
All Aloneby GhostPrincess
(DevinGhostSolaXRickyHorrorOlson) Ricky and Devin, Devin and Ricky. Soulmates. From the moment Ricky steps into the Pennsylvanian high school, he can't stay away from t...
Dirty Boy (Chris Motionless & Devin 'Ghost' Sola) by DarkStar_BVB172
Dirty Boy (Chris Motionless & Holly
Chris Cerulli is looking to buy a new slave...But he didn't expect to find someone like Devin. <><><><><><><><><>&l...
This Love Has Torn Us Apart (Ricky Horror Fan Fic-I Need To Be Loved Book #2) by iluvsws_ptv
This Love Has Torn Us Apart ( Hi-Me
After meeting at Warped Tour and falling in love, Ricky feels him and Midnight are ready to get married. Midnight doesn't seem to be on the same page, though. Even thoug...
Motionless skies by taylor_miw_bvb
Motionless skiesby taylor_miw_bvb
this is a story about a girl named Sarah. she is an outcast. she loves bands and does not really have many friends. but one night she meets someone at a concert and ever...
My Life Started At Warped Tour by WolfyAndCupcake
My Life Started At Warped Tourby nuffin ^-^
Alice Walker finally has her dreams come true, she manages to get her hands on VIP Tickets to Warped Tour, and every fangirl's dream comes to, she becomes friends with t...
I'm bad at goodbyes -A Motionless In White Fanfiction- by ZephiliaInferno
I'm bad at goodbyes -A Cap'n Abby \m/
~*Once everything is lost can somebody gain it all back?*~ Just another Motionless In White fan fiction xP Make sure to leave feedback!! Love you guys and thanks for re...
you have no idea - motionless in white story by angel_232
you have no idea - motionless in angel_232
when anna meets motionless in white through her brother to go on tour with them. she is willing to go. . During the 2 week tour one of the band members starts to have fe...
Searching for Answers by oim8fxckit
Searching for Answersby Samantha Sola
Lexxi's father owns Ferless Records, giving her the chance to be friends with various bands. Lexxi has always wanted to be a merch girl, to experience what tour life is...
Fallen From Grace by ScratchedStars
Fallen From Graceby Gabriella
Chris Cerulli - Motionless In White fanfiction written by yours truly. "There's always been something hidden just behind Chris's eyes, always a secret waiting to s...
What Happens Now...? (A Motionless In White Fanfic) by SePiNtErNaL_KaYy_
What Happens Now...? (A Night Revoked
Kayy is a girl that has been through so much, but what will happen when she gets found about to commit suicide by jumping off of a river...? And what will happen when sh...
Don't close your eyes on me (A Chris Motionless fanfiction) by HaileyMotionless21
Don't close your eyes on me (A HaileyMotionless21
Have you ever felt a longing for something or someone? Chris didn't know exactly what he wanted. He had his amazing career as the lead singer for Motionless in White. Bu...