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unloveable ⌁ morrissey by thequeenisdevd
unloveable ⌁ morrisseyby thequeenisdevd
steven patrick morrissey believes that he will never have somebody to love and that he'll just die alone. willow thinks love is something not meant for her and that all...
But not for such as you and I. by criminally-vulgar
But not for such as you and Kat.
Morrissey is incredibly in love with his best friend Johnny, but is the feeling mutual? Or is Morrissey destined to spend the rest of his life angst ridden and alone?
The smiths being stupid  by iluvdasmiths
The smiths being stupid by Thot destroyer
literally just them being absolute crackheads
Spineless Swines by backbedroomcasualty
Spineless Swinesby The Girl Least Likely To
Johnny is a quick thinking, easy going kid with the best mate in the world and a lovely girlfriend, yet life's pretty dull at his life sucking school. Suddenly he rushes...
Morrissey Reblogs Memes by unloveablemarr
Morrissey Reblogs Memesby unloveablemarr
Modern day tumblr au. Johnny finds Morrissey's blog and immediately fals for the weird, meme-posting music nerd. *Don't agree to meet strangers from the internet though...
The Smiths Text😳🤭 by Unloveable_Children
The Smiths Text😳🤭by Unloveable_Children
this is really gay and uh- yeah😎😎 blease enjoy this hsuhsghshs
About A Girl by iluvdasmiths
About A Girlby Thot destroyer
A young, rebellious runaway from America comes to Stratford, Manchester in hopes to start a new life there. Along the way, she meets a peculiar group of friends, one who...
Broken by GregCee
Brokenby Greg
To be completed
highschool!britpop x reader au by HentaiMatsu
highschool!britpop x reader auby Lindsay
>requires basic knowledge of blur, oasis, suede, pulp, elastica, etc. >requires basic Madchester knowledge as well >will have some cameos from obscure bands lik...
The Old Grey School by backbedroomcasualty
The Old Grey Schoolby The Girl Least Likely To
Steven hates his new school, he hates his dorm, he hates his classes, but most of all he hates his roommate Johnny. That's until he realises that he doesn't...
let it be known by lastofthefamous
let it be knownby 💗
two church boys from manchester fall in love but their love is forbidden, how will they get away with being together?
a taste of honey by cemetrygvtes
a taste of honeyby cemetrygvtes
Never had I met anyone one like Steven Morrissey.
talk tonight ⌁ morrissey by thequeenisdevd
talk tonight ⌁ morrisseyby thequeenisdevd
a story where morrissey tries to call a therapist but ends up calling a girl named violet instead. ©thequeenisdevd completed: 03162019.
i hate myself for loving you ⌁ andy rourke by thequeenisdevd
i hate myself for loving you ⌁ thequeenisdevd
[collaboration with @Numan0id] ~ Takes place during the story, Unloveable. ~ Judy is best friends with Tom, who is the lead singer of Twentyfive. They live together and...
Friday I'm In Love by unloveablemarr
Friday I'm In Loveby unloveablemarr
Not mine, it's by Flowercrownclem on Archive Of Our Own. After Moz and Johnny have an argument, something seems to go wrong and they are forced to do whatever they could...
London calling by kinkylicousSimon
London callingby KinkyliciousFletcher
Ava has an average job working at newspaper company she meet so new people along the way but one has a particular problem that person is named Morrissey they don't get a...
Roberissey by gilliandt
Roberisseyby g i l l i a n
Robert Smith x Steven Morrissey high school au. TW: self-harm THIS IS A JOKE.
crack ass oneshots and shit by spiralcities
crack ass oneshots and shitby Andy✨
STUPID CRACK STORIES ABOUT THE SMITHS it started nicely but didn't really continue that way
You're The One by backbedroomcasualty
You're The Oneby The Girl Least Likely To
My first Marrissey fic :) Linder's stormed off in an argument with Moz, so who can that be at the door?
Broken {Waterloo Road} #1 in Broken series.  by _X_Sammii_X_
Broken {Waterloo Road} #1 in 💫💍Sammii💫💍
[Book One in series] Kenzie is a new girl to Waterloo Road. She's struggling with mental illness. She left her old school when the bullying got too bad. Now she's at t...