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That Kid: Noah Pryce by hanhawoo
That Kid: Noah Pryceby hanhawoo
Ever since third grade, Jenny seems to endure the trouble of being bullied. She has, after all, her very own superhero protecting her-- Noah. Sadly, due to reality of li...
Wednesday x Male Reader  by TheIPopCorn
Wednesday x Male Reader by TheIPopCorn
After Y/N is recommended by his friend, FRIEND/NAME, he soon meets Wednesday, a 5'2 goth girl who peaks his interests.
50 Dark humor jokes!!! by BigDaddyIsTheBest
50 Dark humor jokes!!!by BigDaddyIsTheBest
This book has topics some people may find offensive.... You have been warned!!! Now read the damn book and don't cry about some joke you don't like because no one wants...
Some Nights - Klance vampire AU [TW] by TigersEye9
Some Nights - Klance vampire AU [ TigersEye9
Lance is a normal guy, funny, good looking, he's going to night school so he can work and get his degree. Keith however, he's a bad boy, someone even teachers won't mess...
ɴᴀᴍᴊɪɴ ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛs • fluff • smut • angst • horror • random by morbidcheesecake
ɴᴀᴍᴊɪɴ ᴏɴᴇsʜᴏᴛs • fluff • smut • —레비, 내 사랑
A bunch of namjin oneshots cuz why not. • Fluff • Smut • Horror • Angst • and more ---------- 2021, © morbidcheesecake Cover credits: @TheYukimiCommunity
Legends, a dance with dragons by Ava-lynne
Legends, a dance with dragonsby Ava Lynne
Terrance is a peasant with a curiosity bigger than she can control. There are legends of dragon, but they're magical creatures, magic was banned hundreds of years ago a...
Down To The Rabbithole  by CeciliaRYMS
Down To The Rabbithole by CeciliaRYMS
COMPLETED/IN PROCESS OF REVISION Series #1: Down To the Rabbithole There are two worlds beneath our planet, inhabited by races we don't know about. The only way to get t...
Morbid Mysteries - RIDDLES by QuillK
Morbid Mysteries - RIDDLESby Quill K.
Puzzling Predicaments and Gruesome Tales! Read for fun, or read to solve! Either way, come along and ENJOY!
Robert the worlds largest teen  by morbidlyfatfiction
Robert the worlds largest teen by morbidlyfatfiction
Hi I'm slowly gonna "flesh out" this character lots of immobility related stuff, in the first part Robert will be expressing the difficulty of getting weighed...
Through To The End★Tenhina★ by ibeleiveinmrgreives
Through To The End★Tenhina★by cowboi doctor kori
Shoyo Hinata is a boy who has so many admirers...people who adored him deeply. No one knew the troubles he kept in the dark...but, who else was in the dark with him? The...
Poems for Morbid Children by SarahQuinnMcGrath
Poems for Morbid Childrenby S.Q. McGrath
This is a collection of some of my more curious and macabre poems. Many of my poems play with words, the sounds and shapes of them. However, I often attempt to delineate...
Poems for Peculiar Children by SarahQuinnMcGrath
Poems for Peculiar Childrenby S.Q. McGrath
This is a second anthology of my more macabre or curious poems. I will add them as I write them!
Me~! by angel-dustx
Me~!by ♡
All about me!!
Eat Me, Drink Me by fatfantacies
Eat Me, Drink Meby Fat Fantacies
After discovering that I weigh 275 pounds, I decided to explore the world of feederism. I learn more about myself, society and relationships as I make the decision to p...
Dark Fantasy Short Story Collection by DyingHeart049
Dark Fantasy Short Story Collectionby DyingHeart049
A collection of short stories my strange and slightly Gothic mind created. The cover photo is not mine, just a picture I found on Google.
Runaway Judas by DevitsLair
Runaway Judasby Devit's Lair
This is the story of Judas, once a normal kid, who through a series of events will have a light a spark in his life. As he tells the story from his perspective, you will...
Most Excruciatingly Painful ways to die by Whatchareadings
Most Excruciatingly Painful ways cut until it bleeds
as the title suggests this is painful ways to die. They have all been scientifically measured or something but the point is they're the most painful. If you like knowing...
BNHA One shots by idkanymore7765
BNHA One shotsby Todolove1212
This will be a series of my hero academia one shots mainly revolving around Todoroki I'm always up for suggestions Disclaimer these will most not likely be fun one sho...
swallowing earthworms  by fighues
swallowing earthworms by jacy
pyrrhic victories © 2019 fighues
Twisted Nursery Rhymes by TheHaloHides
Twisted Nursery Rhymesby claire
A collection of creepy nursery rhymes with dark meanings or interpretations...