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All Will Bow by PleaseFancyMe
All Will Bowby Fan’Cee
Medusa walked away then, and went to ready herself to leave. She'd waited a century for this. Her best friend Ocina had been gone for over fifty years. She had four pups...
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The Fall of Selene: How the Werewolf Came to Be by xXBrokenRecordsXx
The Fall of Selene: How the Bernie R.
Nobody knows how werewolves came to be. But I'm going to tell you. This is the Fall of Selene. *** A short story about the Origins of the Werewolf based on Greek Mytholo...
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The Alpha Of Mayfer Lake by WilderAnemone22
The Alpha Of Mayfer Lakeby WilderAnemone22
Madison Wilson moves to the country from the city, not knowing what to do with her life. All she knows is that she is tired of hurting everyone she cares about. Moving...
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RAZIEL by agent-nuggets
RAZIELby Shreya
" Light is easy to love show me your darkness.." Many years ago, rose a man, to be specific a king who ruled all with an iron fist. Different stories were hea...
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More than a Luna by MaroonPrinc3ss
More than a Lunaby MaroonPrinc3ss
"Mate. "Someone said behind me and I look at who it is. It's freaking Terrence Garrett. The new and hottest boy at this school which they said. He used his we...
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Chosen by shamygirl19
Chosenby shamygirl19
Melanie has always been the second to no choice when compared to twin Pheobe a outgoing Ms.Perfect who always steal loves and affection from members of their pack especi...
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Colby Brock is my what? by nsece21
Colby Brock is my what?by NSES&C_writing
April Simons is just a normal boring teenage girl... or so she thought. At the age of 17, April is in her senior year living in Salem, Massachussets and together with he...
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At The Edge by _Blue_Raven_
At The Edgeby Sapphire
Life can give you the most amazing things but it can also take it away, unexpectedly and harshly. A simple girl like Mae didn't expect to find a mate, a loving caring ma...
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The Badass Luna by Belugalover09876
The Badass Lunaby Vy
Briary O'Brien is the daughter to Alpha James, the alpha to the 2nd fiercest pack in America, the blood hound pack. After getting sent of to London to apparently gain so...
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The story long forgotten by xXxDapplexXx
The story long forgottenby Skipalina
Listen once and listen well, this story is the true story of werewolves and will help you put together all the missing gaps in those werewolf fantasy stories. This story...
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The Wolf In Me: Finding My Mate (UNEDITED) by TaylorWolf420
The Wolf In Me: Finding My Mate ( Taylor Wolf
It all started when the Moon Goddess fell deeply in love, her and her love were greatly happy when finding out a baby was on the way. After the first born, four more cam...
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We Three White Wolves by kikwi24
We Three White Wolvesby kikwi24
Three wolves, with the capabilities to alter the course of fate, must leave their lives behind to protect the ones they love most. How far can the tides turn before they...
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Feral Queen by Janeenhall3
Feral Queenby Janeenhall3
Werewolf story. It all started with the Awakening, a little over 100 years ago humans from all over the globe were awakened while most stayed human 1/3 turned into Magic...
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Bonded Minds by _We_Cool_Dudette_
Bonded Mindsby We Cool Dudez
'I feel Avyanna's joy and impatience for a mate as she grows restless and overjoyed, but on the other hand, I don't want a mate. A guy who likes me only because our wolv...
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Selene-The Lost World by that_onegirl49
Selene-The Lost Worldby lily mae
A young girl has a lot going for her... she is street-smart and book smart. One thing happens and her universe comes crashing down on the shoulders. Her whole life was...
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𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐝𝐞 𝐥𝐮𝐧𝐞 by peppermintxkisses
𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞 𝐝𝐞 𝐥𝐮𝐧𝐞by Emy🦋
he was the alpha of the strongest pack within the world. she was simply a standard wolf within the pack. when the pack goes vulnerable by a gaggle of rogues he finds his...
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The Moons Light by Da1syrose
The Moons Lightby queenxblud
random crap poetry
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horror moon by mirathecoroner
horror moonby mirabeebee
the eerie tales of the full moon starting with han dynasty china, siam, and then central asia where there is magical, gore and horror and a pinch of fantasy.
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The Silver of the Moon by itsvinnie23
The Silver of the Moonby itsvinnie23
After a dream of the moon goddess herself touching the stomach of the Luna of the Winter Moon Pack the alpha wakes up from his abruptly ended dream sweating cold bullets...
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