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What Lies in the woods (BillDip) by Tiny_derp
What Lies in the woods (BillDip)by Polar the icwing
Will and Bill Cipher, one is a professional hunter the other.... prefers to just tag along. Dipper Pines and Mason Gleefull, one half deer, the other, half horse But wh...
Son of Bill Cipher (ON HIATUS) by Mizar-Mayhem
Son of Bill Cipher (ON HIATUS)by Mizar Mayhem
The chaos of Weirdmaggedon has come to an end. The twins, Dipper and Mabel, birthday are three days away. But what if a certain triangle wasn't defeated? What if he disc...
Prince of Monster Falls (Billdip) by WonderTwin123454
Prince of Monster Falls (Billdip)by WonderTwin123454
Dipper and his family have been hidden from the kingdom for years. Mainly because of the Cipher's, the rulers over the land. Everyone thinks that the Pines family are ju...
Dippers deal  by YamileSoto
Dippers deal by Wolfblood
Not my story owner is Deerper on I love this story so I decided to put it on Wattpad even though someone else had but hadn't finished it yet since 2016 An...
Billdip oneshots by alexisheredude
Billdip oneshotsby Bleeding Little Blue Boy
A bunch of scenarios I couldn't make into a book. Art isn't mine.
Gravity Falls AUs by Destinydragon12
Gravity Falls AUsby there goes my sanity
Gravity Falls Alternate Universes! Most of them will be listed here! Recommend AUs in the comments! There are underrated and popular AUs alike here!
Ethereal by quaddle
Etherealby - ̗̀tay ̖́-
when sixteen-year old danny fenton and his family decide to get away from the rush of the city and take a vacation in a small woodland town in oregon, danny discovers th...
Billdip scrapbook by Rae00503
Billdip scrapbookby Rae
In this story I will be showing some random pictures of billdip I find on the internet. Enjoy!
I Was Worth Twenty Million by tekiweki
I Was Worth Twenty Millionby teki
Dipper Pines, hybrid and a cervitaur. Mabel Pines, hybrid and a mermaid. Both lovely children but one has the better story while the others is dramatic and... interestin...
Monster Falls by The_Queen_of_Thieves
Monster Fallsby Cliff Hanger Queen
I was reading a bunch of Monster Falls books and looking at fan art. Then I was like, I should write a Monster falls book! It would be so cool! So now I'm writing it. So...
Kidnapped (Monster Falls Book 1) by geekydipper
Kidnapped (Monster Falls Book 1)by applepop
When an experiment causes a radiation leak, twins Dipper and Mabel Pines find themselves mutating into monsters beyond what they ever thought possible. But as they barri...
A Rivers Side Affects by artgirl1101
A Rivers Side Affectsby How's The Stuff?
(FIRST EVER FANFIC) Dipper goes into the woods to investigate a mysterious river. Little does he know that this river can cause some serious side effects. Gravity falls...
Monster Falls: What Now? by demurei
Monster Falls: What Now?by a p o c a l y p s e
DISCONTINUED!!! After coming in contact with a strange river, the town of Gravity Falls undergoes some unexpected changes. Dipper, having been exposed to the river the m...
Music For My Deer (Billdip) by Victiny123
Music For My Deer (Billdip)by Little Star
This is my second MonsterFalls fanfic!! It's not the sequel for the first one, is is just another one that I decided to write. It's different then the other fics I've ev...
Gravity Falls: Monster Falls by Bill_Cipher_618
Gravity Falls: Monster Fallsby Pain is Hilarious
This isn't an original idea but I can't get monster falls out of my head so I'm writing a fanfic. Though now that I think about it, I have tried to make my Monster Fall'...
Fur, Scales, Claws, and Tails (A Monster Falls AU) Book 1 in the Portal series. by dixiethedog
Fur, Scales, Claws, and Tails (A Dixie the Dog
He had reached a calm section, so he doggy-paddled his way over to the shore. As he climbed out, he took off his hat and rung it out. "Hey Pine Tree! Nice of me to...
🌲Gravity Falls/AUs: Lots of Weirdness & Adventure🌲 by SwiftyangX12
🌲Gravity Falls/AUs: Lots of 🔵⬛️指揮官•司令⬛️🔴
Grace Falls: Hello, my name is Grace Falls. I'm a Fandom Guardian of Gravity Falls and I'm one of Swift's OCs of many Fandom Guardians. It's my very first time taking re...