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Love At Chat by Faithasticx
Love At Chatby Certainly Faithful
Ashia, a girl with dreams. A book lover. Focus sa pag-aaral. Until she met the man of her dreams. Will she give herself a chance to reach her lovely dream even if it's i...
Amongst the Order (Watchers of the Veil #1) by Caitlin_Lucy
Amongst the Order (Watchers of Caitlin Cross
The Lupine family was once a symbol for the Order of Hunters to aspire to: strong, united, ruthless and determined. But, after two decades of heartbreak, scandal and con...
Wildthorn Academy Book 1 by Momojiro_lover
Wildthorn Academy Book 1by Jada williams
In a land where magic exist. Three sisters who have inheirited the powers of three goddesses must learn how control it to stop a great evil called the lich. Or else the...
Marry First , Love Later by MATACHAtea
Marry First , Love Laterby MATACHAtea
Who says you can't fall in love at first sight with your blind date?! An adorable internet celebrity streamer with a delicate, flexible and unparalleled body VS a good-l...
One More Time, One More Chance: A SasuSaku Fanfic by Alli_Rae
One More Time, One More Chance: Allison Rae
Sarada Uchiha is having a hard time coping with her parents' separation and wants them to be together once again. Sakura on the other hand is juggling her time between h...
The OP Hero[On-Hold] by Ryuukage
The OP Hero[On-Hold]by Mark Joshua Villamartin
I am Kyle Cruz. I am your ordinary everyday boy, an otaku, recluse, and is always reading isekai fantasy genre books, yung mga libro about sa otherworld, and then, I was...
The white cat by Dat_boi_2
The white catby Boi
A girl dies from what seemed to be bad circumstances, and then meets the goddes of her world who tells her she has a a fate larger than anything, and is reincarnated bac...
On the Mediterranean Shore by wherethetreeswhisper
On the Mediterranean Shoreby wherethetreeswhisper
For Sofia Bellucci, life has been a struggle since the time her mother died: struggling with her job while raising a younger sister whose heart is failing. When her sis...
Captured by Your Light by ShamiYhamyo
Captured by Your Lightby JsV
"You've been captured by our memories" sa isang pitik ng daliri, malalaman mo ang tinatagong historya. --- This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, busine...
The Ultimate Hero: Iron Age by Script-X_Stories
The Ultimate Hero: Iron Ageby D.J. M0or3
This is based off of an animated PG-13 movie that I've been working on. Dustin Miller is a below average high school nerd, until one day when his home city of Los Angele...
The Abandoned House on Rue Ballard by SleepingPeppers
The Abandoned House on Rue Ballardby Secret_Gaygent
A group of teenagers in Marseilles get embroiled in a political kidnaping. Warning: I wrote this when I was thirteen. I don't see why you would repost it, but if you do...
"sorry sir i woke you up just not a fun of rains"she was stammering she didn't know whether it was because of the fear she had of waking her boss up...
Puppet by DownBeat4816
Puppetby Innocent Cinnamon Roll
Aveline is an unusual woman. She's delicate, unusual, practically perfect in every way. Big, beautiful blue eyes, perfect brown hair, flawless skin... You'd think she wa...
Heated Beginnings by Themisto1
Heated Beginningsby Themisto1
Things in our world have changed drastically! 5 years ago, the emergence of demi-humans, more scientifically named "pseudohumans," has taken place. The current...
Pseudohuman Chronicles: Records of the Demons by Themisto1
Pseudohuman Chronicles: Records Themisto1
This shall be a list of short articles that are based off of the stories about demons or they are written by them. This is to add a little more information into the cann...
VIRUS by Dhivakar_babu
VIRUSby Dhivakar_babu
This is a story about the origin of coronavirus and how a young chap saved others.
Bella The Modern-day Witch by Emilyfriend234
Bella The Modern-day Witchby lulufriend!
Hi I'm Bella the modern teen witch well I'm just going to explain my life to you in this journal update sometimes but it's not really my thing
Reader by ZixRelease
Readerby Zix Release
While reading a book, a sparkle of light disappeared. And, as it did, a message appeared. [Wisdom increased by 1]
Connor, The Glue Gunner by japirate777
Connor, The Glue Gunnerby Trueberret
Ever since Connor was a child he had a mysterious ability that often confused his parents ; the creation of glue on a whim. On his worst day yet, everything suddenly tur...
Cinderella's secret world by Poojalove13
Cinderella's secret worldby Nazriya Nazim
For now it is a little sample to those who want to read it please say and I will publish the whole book Lilly is treated as a slave to her own family or step-family shou...