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Daily Lives In Legends Academy by Shar_5019
Daily Lives In Legends Academyby Shekhar
Mobile legends heroes going through the greatest college in the land of the dawn, the Legends Academy. Watch young heroes as they enjoy their college life in their own w...
Mobile Legends : School Of Heroes by TheLookingAssassin
Mobile Legends : School Of Heroesby The Looking Assassin
Hi Guys The School Of Heroes Is Gonna Be Continued, Thanks For 4 Viewers!! Mobile Legends : School Of Heroes Is All About The Experience From The Mobile Legends Heroes. ...
Mobile Legends Chronicles by Shar_5019
Mobile Legends Chroniclesby Shekhar
Follow the journey to the land of dawn with Alucard and many other heroes to complete many quest, adventures, hardships, goal, etc This is my first book. I am writing th...
Alucard,The Demon Hunter by PhantomRekt
Alucard,The Demon Hunterby Phantom Reader
Alucard become demon hunter after he see his parents were killed by the demons led by Martis,The Ashura King,and now he is on his journey to exterminate all the demons.