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Atelís Series One: Secretary Of A Mafia. by siovhanyy
Atelís Series One: Secretary Of A...by Snowball
After she was accused by killing her grandmother, she thought that running away from the accusers will solved her problem, and on her escape she met a woman wearing a go...
What's Love Without A Little Fear [MFL: Jonathan Crane, Book One] by CyberFox0727
What's Love Without A Little Fear...by Cyber
Miscreant Family Life: Jonathan Crane, Book One Jonathan Crane, a professor at Gotham University, has a new assistant starting to work with him; a young woman by the nam...
Forbidden: A Criminals Love by Genaine04
Forbidden: A Criminals Loveby Eiya Miscreant
Read my story and judge. Good or bad i'll gladly accept it
Light and Dark by lorendal4
Light and Darkby Jianxiu
A poem about light vs. dark ;)