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The Devil And I by cupcakelover122
The Devil And Iby shattered_pieces
"You didn't summon me? I was wondering why the ritual was so messy. Is that why I smelled mustard?" *got the og idea from a tumbler post, but I can't find who...
Let It Snow by The_tardis_at_221b_
Let It Snowby Buchanan
Remus has a huge crush on Sirius. Sirius can never know... Or can he? (Marauders era. Not a Christmas fic, but super fluffy!) All rights to the characters and setting go...
I am you and You are me? (South Park Body swap AU) by Raingoddess400
I am you and You are me? (South Pa...by Be Well and Stay Safe
The boys of south park suddenly find themselves in different bodies one Monday morning. They have no idea that the sudden change is for a certain person's amusement.
Rain Puddles | A YoonJin Fanfic by MiniRye
Rain Puddles | A YoonJin Fanficby MiniRye
He had a pink umbrella. Yoongi couldn't help but find it intriguing. MiniRye © 2017-2018
Last To Know (RvB x Reader) by BickslowsBaby
Last To Know (RvB x Reader)by SoulSong
I do not own Red vs Blue (that belongs to RoosterTeeth), or the pictures (those belong to either RoosterTeeth or its fans), and I also don't own any songs, movies, or TV...
ramyeon 〶 yeonbin by lofiwick
ramyeon 〶 yeonbinby alicia
after getting ice cream for taehyun and beomgyu, yeonjun drags them to a ramyeon place in which they are surprised to find soobin and kai already seated. (loosely based...
Little Leo {Little!Leo Valdez} by That_Fandom_Boi
Little Leo {Little!Leo Valdez}by Angst Deity
Leo finally comes out as a little to his friends. -Or After being best friends with his friends for years, they discover his way of dealing with stress. --- NOT A KINK...
Who is she to me? by ViridianOleanderson
Who is she to me?by ViridianOleanderson
In another world, born of different circumstances, James-Sirius Potter reflects upon his relationship with the reclusive Heiress of the Malfoy Clan. The eldest and only...
A Penny For Your Thoughts? by amaideninimagination
A Penny For Your Thoughts?by Asmi
A collection of written pieces.
Coffee for Three by PocketsizedJimin
Coffee for Threeby Whisker
Yoongi is assigned a partner in a forced marriage due to the current government's orders. He's partnered with Park Jimin. The omega is thrilled to meet his new partner...
*yearns* by kirbywithswords
*yearns*by kirbywithswords
my gay yearning thoughts
paper edge by dubusquared
paper edgeby dubusquared
"Scared?" "Terrified." "Why?" "I don't know." "You never know anything, Mark." "Shut up, Jackson." Mark Tuan...
Attack On Titan one shots  by SnekWithStars
Attack On Titan one shots by StarrySnek
I'm new to the show and adoring it completely. Please point out any mistakes or grammatical errors and it will be much appreciated.
Starfruit by literarybard
Starfruitby 𝔰𝔢𝔯𝔞𝔭𝔥𝔦𝔠™
Roman Citali was a star in every sense of the word. Though you wouldn't expect anything less from a prince within the Kingdom of Inviella. For a realm that carried the...
The cute girl next door by Coffeeaddictedloser
The cute girl next doorby a loser with too much time on...
'I suppose I should tell you who I am, well my name is amber. I'm 17 and (at the moment) I have green hair. I have a lip piercing and blue eyes. I'm around 5'1 and I hav...
Life has a way of catching you off your guard. One overconfident move. And that's it. As for fate. Ahh. Fate is a fickle creature isn't it? Couple them both. And you're...
The Maniacal Duo  by Irenitize
The Maniacal Duo by Irenitize
The short story of a possible series of two men jordyn, and Gean, it's a slice of life story.
Mirage by dangerbeforeyou
Mirageby dangerbeforeyou
The woes of wearing too many clothes when it's hot... Or, Tang Yi maybe experiences a strange mirage in the middle of a heatwave because he's Peak Dumbass(tm) lol (writt...
Seeing The Benefits of Being Blind by BlueDanceLover
Seeing The Benefits of Being Blindby ~
"Life is pretty good," Cal replied. She snorted. "You're 26, jobless, living alone, and to top it off: blind. What can be so good about that?" "...
How To Feel by offworldlamb
How To Feelby offworldlamb
Finding someone to talk to about personal problems can help so much. Sitting in the park, discussing other friends, Claudia brings up something that's been weighing on h...