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Dream by Luna_aka_Blade
Dreamby мαкαяια
A world of possibilities of this realms, and the ones beyond. Phenomenons unknown, question unanswered. Everything happens for a reason. Everyone comes for a reason. We...
Yoonmin One Shot's by Yoonyeon_Trash
Yoonmin One Shot'sby Ms.Libryx
A One Shot Scenarios of Yoonmin
Yoonmin 21+ by aeyoonmxin
Yoonmin 21+by 🖤aeyoonmxin🖤
Jimin:top Yoongi:bottom This is story is about yoonmin (jimin and yoongi) They are both bestfriends with secret crushes on eachother, on day yoongi caught jimin...
L̶O̶S̶E̶ C̶O̶N̶T̶R̶O̶L̶  by Parkmochi0xx
L̶O̶S̶E̶ C̶O̶N̶T̶R̶O̶L̶ by Minimin
This story is all about Yoonmin smut . { *Need hobi water if you have give it to me* } . Top Yoongi Bottom Jimin . . This story contain smut , so read if you are comf...
Rain "YOONMIN FF" by Yoonyeon_Trash
Rain "YOONMIN FF"by Ms.Libryx
Teaser. A famous people at there company invited Jimin to come in his birthday. Jimin is so happy cause this is his first time being into a big party and he got no frien...
Such Thing As Love //BTS YoonMin/JiKook// 무ㅑㅏㅁ by koomeevee
Such Thing As Love //BTS YoonMin/ EeVyIeRs <3
"CHOOSE JIMIN! RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW! YOONGI OR ME?!" 무ㅑㅏㅁ ~♡ OST: Im not the only one ©all rights
Love Till' End by Minimindin
Love Till' Endby Minimin
A gangster looking girl mets an idol in such awkward situation. Fate keeps them crossing paths. How will they end up together?
Lost ๑YoonMin๑ by _minminnies
Lost ๑YoonMin๑by Vérńs 💚
The story began to start again between Jimin and his hyung, Yoongi after a long forgotten years.
Me Gustas Tu //YOONMIN FF// 무ㅑㅏㅁ by koomeevee
Me Gustas Tu //YOONMIN FF// 무ㅑㅏㅁby EeVyIeRs <3
"he doesnt love you..youre his side hoe" when Jimin and Yoongi thinks that each of them are just playing with eachother and they think both of them dont take t...
El lugar by qorianka14
El lugarby qorianka14
Se trata de que suga kokoo y vque ven a una chica
The Lost Memories #HarrisonTom by miniminfiction
The Lost Memories #HarrisonTomby minimin