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LONELY WIVES  by DeborahEke
LONELY WIVES by Deborah Eke
This a short story for three women who want sexual stratification. Find out how far they are willing to go .
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Friendship + Love = happiness by gogo2003tarek
Friendship + Love = happinessby gogo tarek
" I am not riding the same car as you. " She says " Really, Gonna bring a special car for the senorita? " I say sarcastically rolling my eyes. "...
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Seducing His Fiancée by dividiv
Seducing His Fiancéeby dividiv
**COMPLETED, UNDERGOING EDITING** When a billionaire's company is at risk due to a merger via marriage from competing tycoons, he enlists the help of his heir to break t...
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Me & Mr. CEO by KTNatua
Me & Mr. CEOby KTNatua
What happens when two people cross paths. One just happens to be on her way to an interview and gets into an argument with a man she's never met? What happens when that...
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So Is This Love ? by Aayuu321
So Is This Love ?by Aayuu321
Amelia Wilson She is smart, cute, a little bit clumsy and is completely oblivious to her surrounding. She lost her parents when she was just 3 years old. She only has h...
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Heart In A Shell by Osasucyy111
Heart In A Shellby Osasucyy111
"HE was looking for himself but found HER instead..." Rachel Morgan had always believed her mum's excuse for moving the family every single year was because o...
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Racer & the CEO by Havanah_Reverie
Racer & the CEOby ★Havanah★
"Shh... Listen," He smirks and first there is no sound, but then his hand slide up my butt and squeeze it. I grasp and hold my breath for a second to hear the...
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Is He A She?! by Mistalee_
Is He A She?!by m u f f i n a t o
Going back to my old title 'Is He A She?!' instead of the Tapas one 'Testoster-zone.' _______ ❝Sometimes you don't have to be Superman or Sp...
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My XX by AyanaJacinta
My XXby Ayana Jacinta
Babaeng may suot na kulay pulang jacket. Babaeng may nakataling buhok na kulay tsokolate. Gusto ko siyang makita. Gusto kong makita ang nagligtas sa amin. Hah...
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The badboy's my bodyguard?!  by KammyV360
The badboy's my bodyguard?! by Kimishka Dukaran
"Describe me in three words that's all I wanna hear..." "Stupid,asshole, jerk!! " "Seriously?! " Miaya Springs is the sister of the mult...
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Blurring the Lines by WhyAlltheseyears
Blurring the Linesby r a m
"Why are you looking at me like that?" "Like what?" "Like, you want something, crave something so badly." "I do. I want you." - L...
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Love to the Heartbroken by Fucktheentireworld
Love to the Heartbrokenby Fucktheentireworld
Natasha Fritz seems to hate her best friend's boss, Daniel Watson right from the moment they meet. In fact if it weren't for her best friend she wouldn't have gone out w...
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In the eyes of her beholder(BWWM) by Bae_sereyy20
In the eyes of her beholder(BWWM)by Bae_sereyy20
Tragedy brings two people from different backgrounds together . Gabriel is an Italian billionaire and Sierra is a girl that does every job to make ends meet for her fami...
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Once Upon A Time by m_chua132
Once Upon A Timeby M. Chua
Once upon a time, my parents made stupid decisions that led to decades of unhappiness. But I'm not stupid. That's why I will never repeat their mistake. No matter ho...
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The Juventus  Academy by tanishajindal8
The Juventus Academyby 🕊️
"The less you reveal,the more people will wonder" The rich The mysterious Mess with them and they will destroy you The prestigious Juventus Academy was for...
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Call me Baby by FrannyGlass1934
Call me Babyby FrannyGlass1934
When Lily has a chance meeting with a moody, hot, brilliant British writer she knows nothing of his past trauma or his family's money. She was just trying to check off a...
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SCARLET HEART ✔️ by frozen_within
"rooh" he says and she curls up herself more into a ball trying to protect herself "please i-I am so-sorry I - I won't do-do it a-again pl-please leave m...
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The 3 Month Plan by Sadaf3232
The 3 Month Planby Sadaf3232
*Book 2 of 'The Six Month Contract' Series* What Happens when Rocky finally locates Sky? Perhaps another plan, another way to keep her in his life. However Sky has no in...
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A Lone Love by darkblonde1
A Lone Loveby C_A_M
Maximus Myers, a treasure to the Queen City High School, his own parents attended and fell in love. His mindset was not a mirror image of his father's, being a businessm...
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Demons by jierenrose
Demonsby jierenrose
"Don't mess with us..... Or Else?. Anim na lalaking matatapag kinakakatakotan sa campus nila. But nagbago ang lahat nagdumating ang anim na babaeng na mag babago...
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