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Bullies and kisses by halldis
Bullies and kissesby halldis
Watch as jeffrey gets bullied then rescued
First Flight Home ( jake miller series book 4) by Millertarygurl
First Flight Home ( jake miller Amanda Bell
READ: DAY WITHOUT YOUR LOVE, RUNNIN AND COLLIDE FIRST Jake has finally finished his second tour and can focus on marrying Amanda; or can he? Will his busy life style, je...
Millertary love by LittleMissAnnie
Millertary loveby LittleMissAnnie
Just another Jake Miller fan fic (:
Happy,stressed,but still youtube obsessed. by hxxlley
Happy,stressed,but still youtube H Jade♡
Sky and the gang is back in the second book to 'Sad,Depressed,and youtube obsessed'.... Kara has cancer and how will Ellie cope? Will Sky and Connor STAY together? Is Sk...
My Life Changed When I Met Him by AngelRay_95
My Life Changed When I Met Himby AngelRay_95
Payton Ray Miller is a teenage girl who lives in the shadow of her twin sister Rachel who is the cheer captain and very popular while Payton on the other hand has her tw...
Days Without Your Love (A Jake Miller Fan Fiction) by Millertary_Stories
Days Without Your Love (A Jake Megan
•••THIS IS A SEQUEL TO "You've Got The Glow" SO READ THAT FIRST••• It's been almost a year since college bound Kayla Parker and tour traveling Jake Miller have...
Cause I'm Not Fine At All (A Jadison Fanfic) by awk0sweetie
Cause I'm Not Fine At All (A awk0sweetie
Madison Bertini is a 17 year old teenaged girl that struggles a hard battle of depression. People started to cyber bully her when she was 15. They commented hurtful thin...
Meeting Jeffrey by jeffreymillerswife
Meeting Jeffreyby jeffreymillerswife
This is just fan fiction I really wish that I could meet Jeffrey but I never will. Hopefully I do someday but yea.
Jake miller love for one special girl by shidgit_rove_glc
Jake miller love for one special shidgit_rove_glc
What happen when Jake go on tour? Will he and his girlfriend break up?
Becoming Mrs. Jake Miller by Millertary30
Becoming Mrs. Jake Millerby Millertary30
I'm just your typical 18 year old, I love sleeping and eating. One problem with being "typical," my best friend is none other than Jake Miller. We've been frie...
Rising Star -a Jake Miller Fic- by DancingWithDanger
Rising Star -a Jake Miller Fic-by Georgia Tomlinson
Cassie Costello was a rising star until tragedy struck. The tragedy that she would never be able to dance again. She became an empty shell of the person that she was, la...
90 Days- a Jake Miller FanFic by ashleymc23
90 Days- a Jake Miller FanFicby ashleymc23
Callie is a normal teenager and she is in love with the rapper/ singer Jake Miller. She has depression and gets bullied all day, everyday. One of the best days of her li...
All It Took Was 6 Seconds by jadetr13
All It Took Was 6 Secondsby jadetr13
•(A Jeffrey Miller Fan-Fic)• After seeing Jeffrey Miller in brave fest San Diego, a 13 year old girl named Elizabeth fell totally in love with Jeffrey Miller...... And s...
You've Got The Glow by Jake_Miller_24
You've Got The Glowby Jake_Miller_24
Jake suddenly crashed his lips on to mine, I was not expecting it at all. It was the best kiss ever. You know how you felt as a little kid on Christmas morning when you...
You've Got The Glow (A Jake Miller Fanfiction) [Editing] by Millertary_Stories
You've Got The Glow (A Jake Megan
•A Jake Miller Fan Fiction• He stood across from me and came closer. One of his hands brushed my hair behind my ear. His touch made my skin burn and tingle. "Ja...
My Boring Life by Winston4413
My Boring Lifeby Winston4413
it about a boy (Jake Miller) who is about to start his senior year of highschool and he gets a new neighbor...can he help her get over her past or will he add more to he...
Me And You... And My Brother by Millertary1169
Me And You... And My Brotherby Millertary1169
Jordan Gandolfo has always been a small town girl, she has plenty of friends but she only had two close friends. People always said she was a little on the wild side, bu...